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How do I get files?
02. Why do i get a "access denied" error when trying to connect to the FTP?
03. Am i banned? Why am i banned? How long am i banned?
04. Has "Insert name of app here" come out yet?
05. Will someone send me a file?
06. Why was I kicked/banned?
07. Where can I download retail Xbox games?
08. Where can I get the XDK?
09. Why does (blah).rar not open and say it is a corrupt archive?
10. Where can I get Help?
11. What's the best modchip?
12. Why is this FAQ so outdated?

How do I get files?

Automated way: Use Pandora! It will automatically connect to IRC, message our bot, get your login and connect to our ftp. Get it here:

Manual way: Simply download mirc from and connect to the Efnet network, then /join #xbins.
Once you have joined our room, type "/msg xbins !list" without the quotes. You will receive a message from xbins with FTP info on where to get files. The way the system works is that our irc bot writes your username to a file the ftpd reads. Upon connecting successfully your username is erased from that file requiring you to repeat the process if you get disconnected. The bot cannot write your username to the file twice, so you must successfully login in order to not get the "error: you already have an account." error.

How do i get files once i get that info?
By using a ftp client. The most popular freeware ftp client is filezilla

There are no files available for download on this website.

Why do i get a "access denied" error when trying to connect to the FTP?

There are several possibilities on why you recieved that error.
1. You entered the username or password incorrectly. Please note that it is CaSe-SeNsItIvE.
2. You are using a FTP client that has a multiple threading. Examples are leechftp and IE. The Server only allows one login per ip and will deny you if you attempt multiple connections.
3. You have attempted to login to the FTP twice, using the same username and password that you previously recieved. Please note that your username entries are deleted upon connection, and that you must retrieve a new username and password every-time, EVEN IF YOU TRIED TO LOGIN AND FAILED.

Why do you guys make me get a new login every time? What type of system is it?
The system is used as a security measure. We have had very large problems with usernames and passwords being leaked and spread on so called "Warez Lists" and through P2P programs such as kazaa and edonkey. This creates a extreamily large flood of users coming on our FTP looking for warez. As we are strongly anti-piracy and do not host illegal game iso's, this is a extreme annoyance.

The distribution system uses a FTP server, a eggdrop and a SQL database to accomplish its purpose.
The FTP is a glftpd source mod that allows it to read a alternative password file. Coding and sources provided by flackman.
The eggdrop's TCL generates a random password, and takes the user's nickname and writes it to the alternate glftpd password file. Upon login $user is stripped from the password file preventing the user from spreading his login info. Coding done by fedex and Mr_.
The SQL database keeps user information such as IP's, amount of files downloaded, how many kilobytes, etc. This is used to prevent users from abusing our bandwidth by setting daily limits. SQL configuration and glftpd scripts written by romracer.

Am i banned? Why am i banned? How long am i banned?

If you get a "Access Denied" error you are NOT banned. Read here for that info.

Am i banned?
If you are banned on the server, you will recieve one of these two error's in your FTP client when trying to download a file:
"550- I told you not to be greedy. You have taken too much this day. Try back tomorrow."
"550- Guess what? YOU'RE BANNED. Perhaps if you followed the rules you would not be."

Why am i banned?
As the error messages explain, you did not follow the rules. You are given a set of rules when you are given the FTP info, and if you break them you get banned.

How long am i banned?
First offense you are banned for exactly 24 hours. Come back after this time has expired and you will be able to get your files. If you break the rules 3 times in a row you will automatically be banned for 2 weeks.

Has "Insert name of app here" come out yet?

Use the search feature on main webpage, or check the first and only complete xbox applist. If you cannot find it, it most likely does not exist.

You may also check other popular xbox news sites as:

Will someone send me a file?

No, we will not send you ANY files whatsoever. We provide the most complete xbox homebrew archive on our 100mbit server for a reason. The majority of releases within the scene are exclusively from our server. Get on it, get your files, and do not ask for files or you will be banned.

Why was I kicked/banned?

1) We have a zero tolerance policy for warez/trading/"backups"
Questions or discussion of such topics will earn you a ban.

If you are: Excessively lame, troublesome, don't read this FAQ and break a rule, can't speak English, use excessive colors, abuse away messages, don't read the plentiful guides which are available before asking a question, or follow any other stupid behavior, there is a large chance you will be banned

Where can I download retail Xbox games?

We have a zero tolerance for piracy. Breeching this topic will result in a immediate ban, as we at xbins respect the development community. Want a game? Go to your local store and purchase it, thereby supporting hardworking developers that make such things as game consoles possible.
Xbins will only support noncommercial, free, software.

Where can I get the XDK?

This is a real grey area. Even though we do not feel distributing it would result in
any financial loss to Microsoft, it is still copyrighted, and therefore we will not host it.

Keep an eye on: OpenXDK Where a free, opensource Software Development Kit for XBOX is currently in the works!

Why does (blah).rar not open and say it is a corrupt archive?

You need to download the latest version of WinRAR. Since version 3.0, WinRAR uses a new compression algorithm which is superior, but sadly, not backwards compatible with older versions.

Several other reasons may cause a corrupt download. Using a cracked copy of your FTP client (ie. FlashFXP) is a very probable reason. Try a free or shareware (uncracked) client.

Also, be sure to download all the .zip and .rar files in BINARY mode. Text or ASCII mode should only be used for the nfo and txt files, if at all, and downloading the archives in that mode will surely end in a corrupt download.

Where can I get Help?

If you would like help with a problem, or would like to do "insert modification here", your first and best bet is to check xbox-scene for tutorials. They have a very large set of tutorials ranging from easy newbie questions to more advanced modifications.

If, AFTER checking xbox-scene for help on your issue, you still need further explanation, you can come to #xbins-help on Efnet IRC for further help.

What's the best modchip?

The two most popular modchips are:
X2 Pro

Both have pogo pin options or the same amount of wires. When it comes down to features, Chameleon at the current moment has a few more features than the X2. Note that xecuter is a very active development team that releases software for free to the public, and is constantly improving their bios features.

Why is this FAQ so outdated?

Because it was written somewhere around 2002-2003 and we are lazy and don't care to update it. Have you seen this site? Its clearly a relic of the past :)

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