XboX HD Maker V1.6

Changes :
- An update of busybox to provide more command line tools for
  the user (zip, bzip, md5sum, uuencode, uudecode ,...).

- The HDD password generation tool will give the user the 
  option to insert a floppy with the eeprom.bin or specify
  an alternative path. Usefull if the same xboxhdm CD is
  used for severel xbox's

- Included Atapwd both when FreeDOS is bootet from the CD
  or from a floppy made from xboxhdm.

- Update of the UDE command to make it compatible with
  the Memcard UDE installer (not included).

  This will now install :
  * PBL 1.4.1
  * PBL-Lite
  * nkpathcer
  * MXM
  * Evox
  * UnleashX

  In addition it makes a compressed image of C: on install
  for later backup purposes. 
  It makes a special game save including the eeprom and hdd
  password to be transferred to a memcard from the MS Dash
  memory menu.
  Install a maintenance tool to let you :
  configure/restore C/backup/uninstall the softmod. 
  This tool is reached by booting the xbox with the eject button.