In this package you will find a stripped down version of PBL based on the 
official 1.3 version. This is not an official Team Phoenix release! I just 
borrowed the code from PBL and modified it slightly to my needs. Hope Team 
Phoenix doesn't mind.

What and Why?

I wanted a PBL version that did nothing but load a bios. No animations, no
multi-bios selection menu etc. Reason was that I would gladly give up these
features to speed up boot-time.

To sum it up the features are :

    * No problems using severel controllers. No USB initialization.
    * No Focus chip screen flicker. Screen stays black.
    * No S-Video screen flicker. Screen stays black. All AV cable should be
    * As fast booting as possible. No animations or text.

    * No animations or text. Some people might like that :-)
    * No multi-bios setup. To change bios you need to replace xboxrom.bin or
      edit the boot.cfg

The bios loader (default.xbe) is habibi signed. Place it where your exploit
boots its executable from.