Kill Everything That Moves (or KETMX for short) is a sprite based top scrolling shooter, with pre-rendered 3D graphics. (much in the mould of Xenon, or Radiant Silvergun).The game looks very impressive, and is even in this early stage of development quite addictive.
Visit http://www.studio-grey.com/ketm to get more info about this game.

How to play
Launcher controls:
DPAD/Left Analogue stick   = scroll through options
A-Button            	   = start the game
Press Right Analogue stick = take a screenshot from the level launcher(saved as 'launcher.bmp' in main game directory)
Black         	    	   = quit to Dashboard

Ingame controls:
Left Analogue stick   	   = scroll through options/control ship
A-Button            	   = shoot
Start 			   = pause

* Added: This game had initially no sound/music at all.
I've added two soundtracks(www.modarchive.com) and several sound effects 
in order to make this game even more enjoyable.

Known bugs:
* There are sometimes heavy slowdowns when lots of enemies appear.Live with it!
* If you press start and then continue,the music changes to the menu soundtrack

You can make this game faster if you change the framerender option to MAXIMUM.

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