This is a great top down scrolling 2D shooter,which has some very nice features:
- Music playback from a playlist and sound FX
- Scrolling background,bonus items,animated explosions,2 types of weapons and 4 enemies
- 5 Levels including a boss at the end of each level

visit to get more info about this game.

How to play
Launcher controls:
DPAD/Left Analogue stick   = scroll through options
A-Button            	   = start the game
Press Right Analogue stick = take a screenshot from the level launcher(saved as 'launcher.bmp' in main game directory)
Black         	    	   = quit to Dashboard

Ingame controls:
DPAD/Left Analogue stick   = control ship
A-Button		   = shoot
B-Button                   = change weapon
Y-Button		   = increase music volume
x-Button 		   = decrease music volume
Start			   = pause game
Black			   = show credits
Back			   = show help screen
Rtrigger 		   = play next music track
Ltrigger                   = play previous music track
Press Right thumbstick     = pause/resume music
Ltrigger+Rtrigger+Black    = quit game

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