Avalaunch Netprep v1.1

This is a program made for those that prepare hdd's - often. It works over SMB, easy to set up and very simple to use, and fast as heck due to a "kindof" boost mode transfer system.


!!! If booted without "noformat" in the inifile, it WILL clean and repartition the drive on boot - before menu is shown !!!


features :
* partition and formats the entire drive automatically
* ejects cd upon loaded
* copies installsets from a SMB server
* using a boost-mode cache handling for max speeds ( installs ava + xbmc in 18 seconds )
* allows mutiple selections so user can make modules for different installs without any extra efforts
* automatically reboots to installed dash after prep

1) Make a share on a windows pc. In the example of the INI file, we called it "install", but you're free to call it whatever you want ofcourse.

2) Make a folder - or several, depending on how many different setups you need. Again, in INI example, we've made a folder called "default", so make that one for now.

3) In this folder, make "c" "e" and "f" folders. These will be copied to their drives during prep. Fill these drive-dirs with whatever you want.

4) repeat step 2 and 3 as many times as you wish.

5 ) INI FILE : 


- 5a) smbserver, simple tells ip and sharename to where the installsets are located

- 5b) dhcp, if not "enabled" located, it will set the static ip set in "ip".

- 5c) noformat. Does not format and repartition. Take it away and it will clean the entire drive on boot.

- 5d) noeject, if taken away - it will eject the cd-rom after loading the program.

- 5f) autostart, if not located - it wont use autostart. 
      If located, it will autostart after 10 seconds in the menu the installset given. 
      If not located - it will autostart the top of the list.

You can also select multiple choices (using "X" in the menu), but not in autostart. 

Changelog :

Fixed cache problem that could mess up the flushing at the end of transfer

initial release.

For the user - by the user.

-Team Avalaunch