UnleashX V0.36.0620 Build 499

****	Change Log	****

*Fixed		Stupid bug that could lock the dash when launching an app too soon when
		BGM is enabled.
*Fixed		locking up when changing skins and there's an icon on the systems submenu
*Fixed		weird scrolling up of the menu items when using the free format menu style
*Fixed		HTTP Proxy settings/saving
*Fixed		Password/Passcode is ignored when showing the context menu.
*Fixed		Icon/Video assignment on the menu item editor for items other than an xbe.
*Fixed		GameIcon tag should now work again, although skinners should use the
		<Image> tag instead.
*Fixed		Minor bug when installing skin.

*Changed	Removed Blue screen on startup
*Changed	Flicker Filter level set to 2 by default
*Changed	Soften display set to True by default
*Changed	32bit is now the default color quality again
*Changed	Copy command changed back to older implementation
*Changed	Modified line drawings to use native DX Render State
		for line thickness, instead of drawing the lines several times.
*Changed	Filtered the 'A' and 'Start' button to prevent the event from
		bubbling up when screensave is active.
*Changed	System Settings and put ScreenSaver in its own section
*Changed	Editing the title of a menu item when it's an xbe will also edit the
		title of the xbe.
*Changed	Option to launch a title in NTSC/PAL mode is now enabled regardless of
		the video switching settings.
*Changed	Only one ftp client can transfer in boost mode at anytime.
*Changed	Networking internal parameters to improve data throughput.

*Added		"SafeBorder" Attribute to <FileManager> section of the skin with default
		value set to True. For new skins that want to maximize the viewport, you
		must set specifically add this attribute and set it to False.
*Added		"DrawBorder" attribute to <FileManager> section of the skin with default
		value set to False. 
*Added		"Enable BGM" option to ScreenSaver section with default value set to True 
		(useful for video screensavers).
*Added		Launch homebrew titles (region 0) in NTSC/PAL mode.
*Added		Additional check to ensure randomness when selecting music.
*Added		"Info" IR button maps to "Y" button so you invoke file downloading

Note: 	This is a Quick fix release -some reported bugs may still exists.
	Make sure your xbe, zipped skin file, custom music...etc., doesn't contain multiple 
	periods (".") in its file name. It seems the search file API has a problem when 
	using search filter such as "*.mp3" or "*.zip". It won't return files like 
	"my.cool.song.mp3". I'll take a look on this and it's probably something wrong on my 
	part, but I don't wanna take out the filter and check for the extension myself.
	I'm using the standard FindFirstFile/FindNextFile API, if anyone has a tip, that
	would be cool.