"FileBooster" for Avalaunch Xbox dashboard

Simple FTP client capable of pushing files to the avalaunch dashboard at
blazing speeds of 10-11 mb/sec. Now you can upload your AVI's, JPG's, MP3's
or whatever you like with boostmode.
This little application was prototyped and developed in less than 2 hours
so don't judge it too hard if it has bugs or are missing features.

Qwix clearly is lacking this feature so this is released to fill the gab
until Qwix has this feature.

I don't plan any huge updates to this application. I was thinking of doing
a huge FlashFXP clone supporting boost mode, but I really lack the time or
motivation right now.
But if you want to talk to me, you can find me on EfNet in channels like
#xbox, #avalaunch and #qwix under the nick "ultrabrut".

Future features
If I do make updates to the application, it could be things like:
* Avalaunch autodetect.
* FTP browser.
* Download files with boostmode.
Open sourcing the application is also an option if other programmers what
to take over. Application was written in Delphi using Indy Components 9.

Password is stored together with the other connection info in an ini-file
called "connection.ini". It is unencrypted. Now you know.

Thanks to the whole Avalaunch team for making Avalaunch, the best dashboard
out there.

Thanks to "The Joker" from the Avalaunch team for some help with
understanding boost mode correctly.