Dodgin Diamond 2X

This is a little shoot'em up game and aims to be an 'old school' arcade game with low resolution graphics, top-down scroll action, energy based gameplay and different weapons with several levels of power.
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How to play
Menu controls:
Right trigger       	    = scroll down
Left trigger        	    = scroll up
A-Button            	    = select/change an option
Back         	    	    = quit menu/options screen

Ingame controls:
Left Analogue stick 	    = steer your spaceship
A-Button            	    = shoot
Start		    	    = pause game
Back                	    = return to menu
Press Right Analogue stick  = take a screenshot(saved as 'screenshot.bmp' in main game directory)

Known bugs:
* No DPAD controls
* Screen needs to be resized
* Levels are pretty hard to beat *lol* ;-)
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