StarfighterX - Starfighter for XBox v1

This is a port of the game Starfighter which is a really slick/polished 2D shooter
that includes an upgrade system.

This game requires a video mode of 800x600 - which the XBox cannot do natively.  Therefore
the graphics are shrunk to 640x480.  When this happened, the already small font used in the
game became an alien language.  I had to make a new (bigger) font which resulted in some 
cropping in certain parts of the game.  If reading all of the parts of the story is
important to you, you can check out the data files in the DATA directory.  They're all
human-readable. You'll probably want to have a copy of the "SHOP.DAT" file handy since
most of the prices in the shops are cut off.


DPAD            - Move ship, navigate menus
Left Thumbstick - Move the cursor on the "Orbiting planets" screen
A               - Fire weapon, select menu item
B               - Change weapon type
X               - Special Attack
Y               - Toggle target arrow
Start           - Pause
Back            - Escape, cancel

To change the screen size/position :

 - Go to the options menu from the main menu
 - Select the Screen Size option
 - Use Left/Right thumbsticks to adjust size/position
 - Press B when done

Super thanks to Lantus for his SDL-XBox libraries!

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