GladiatorX - OpenGlad for XBox v1

This is a port of the game OpenGlad which is itself a port of an old DOS game called
Gladiator. It's like Gauntlet and an action-RPG.  It supports up to 4 players playing
competitively or cooperatively.  

You start off with $5000 which you use to buy troops (soldiers, barbarians, elves, ghosts, etc).
You can also spend extra money to increase their stats.  After you have bought some troops,
you can start the game.  You have manual control over one of your troops and the rest 
behave via AI.  You can switch between members of your group, too.  The objective is to
clear each board and progress through all 99 levels.

Read the README_GLAD.TXT file for more instructions on playing.


Main Menu Controls

Left Thumbstick   - Control the square cursor to make menu selections
A                 - Select the highlighted button
Back              - Escape key ; cancels menus

In Game Controls

DPAD              - Move your guy and move text up/down when scenario starts
A                 - Primary attack
X                 - Special attack
B                 - Calls your friends to your side
Y                 - Shifter
Left Trigger      - Switch to a different character to control
Right Trigger     - Change your special attack
Start             - Bring up Options menu
Back              - Escape key ; cancels menus ; cancels actions
Left Thumb-Button - While pressed, all other buttons toggle different cheats

In Game Options Menu Controls

DPAD Left    - Decrease game speed
DPAD Right   - Increase game speed
DPAD Up      - Toggle HP display
DPAD Down    - Toggle Radar display
A            - Toggle foes display
X            - Toggle score display
B            - View team list

Cheat Controls ( press these buttons while the Left Thumbstick is pressed )

A             - Gain flight
B             - Gain hitpoints
X             - Gain magic points
Y             - Gain temporary movement speed increase
Black         - Transform to another character type
White         - Gain invisibility
Left Trigger  - Temporarily lower your level
Right Trigger - Temporarily raise your level
Start         - Kills all *living* enemies on screen

You can edit the \DATA\OPENGLAD.CFG file to change the game and menu music you hear.
The file you select can be just about anything (wav, mp3, ogg, mod, etc)

Super thanks to Lantus for his SDL-XBox libraries!

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