PowermangaX - Powermanga for XBox v1




This is a port of the game Powermanga.  It's a fun 2D shooter.

Green Gems  - Increase powerup menu one position
Red Gems    - Increase powerup menu two positions
Yellow Gems - Get a protective orb
Purple Gems - Destroy all enemies on screen

When you press the B button, the current powerup highlighted is activated.  
Activated powerups are cumulative.

Super thanks to Lantus for his SDL-XBox libraries!

Usage Notes :  

Use an XBox controller plugged into port #1

DPAD              - Navigate Menus, move ship
A                 - Fire Button
B                 - Select Highlighted Powerup
WHITE             - Enable/Disable Cheats
Y                 - When in cheat mode, destroys all enemies on screen
START             - Pause
BACK              - Abort game

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