**Team Gueux'NeT Present : **

       Hack-DevKiT Bios

Contents of this package:
1 Xboxrom.bin Bios Hack only for devkit.

1 GueuX-E-drive-Volume-B.DXT linker for E drive: create "Volume B:" in the root of neighborhood.


**Don't try other bioses because your Xbox couldn't boot**
**This bios work only for Devkit and Debug kit not for retails**

**To not have bad surprise**
Don't flash this bios in console. 
Don't cut it. 
Don't de-compile and re-compile it.


**Advantages of this bios**
No need to flash your Xbox, it become again original once you don't need more this hack. 
Just delete it from FTP.


Here is a bios to hack only debug Kit and Devkit........
With it you can run all no signed xbe and your games backup.

How to use it. Very simple, you just need official Microsoft XDK and Visual Studio 6, 7 ou .NET.
You must have to configure your Xbox IP and have access to your E/ from Neightborhood.
Next, you must see DXT directory in partition E. Juste put GueuX-E-drive-Volume-B.DXT file in this 
DXT directory. Reboot your Xbox. Open Neightborhood and you must see "Volume B:" in the root.
Open it and put xboxrom.bin. 

Team Gueux.Net