XboX HD Maker V1.5

Just a small release - no major changes. A few usefull tools
have been added, some from the excellent xbox-linux project, 
some homemade.
A tool to install the "Ultimate Dashboard Exploit" from an
official UDE package has been added to provide an easy to 
use package for people without a memcard or any of the 
exploitable games.

Changes/addition :

- xbedump :
  Sign an xbe. Currently only with the habibi key.
  font and audio key will be added.
- dashversion :
  determine version of dashboard xbe-file
- pathcer :
  Patch dashboard xbe to use *.bak fonts or fonts from
- UDE :
  Install or uninstall the UDE package.
  The UDE command will install :
  1) The update.xbe font hack (Bert-ate-Ernie). update.xbe most
     be supplied by the user. The tools checks that it is the 
     correct version for the fonts included, and aborts the 
     install if the check fails.
  2) Phoenix Bios Loader v 1.4.1 with support for Focus chip.
     Only bios included is the 4981.67_ef bios. Include
     more bioses (E:\pbl\Bioses) if you need. 
  3) Evox v. 3935.
     Ip              =
     Subnetmask      =
     Defaultgateway  =
  4) Install a font patched copy of the MS dashboard 
     in C:\ called msdash.xbe to be run from Evox when using 
     the font hack.

  The tool assumes that the user has a working C-drive before
  the UDE is installed. The UDE can and will be installed 
  in any case (since it will run without any other files than
  the ones included), but of course the uninstall function will 
  not make much sence. The uninstall is aborted if it seems the
  unmodded C-drive will be non-functional (missing xboxdash, missing 
  original fonts,...)