QuakeX - Quake for Xbox V1.01

This is Quake for Xbox consoles ported from SDLQuake V1.09. 

Whats New

- Added TCP/IP network support.
- Experimental XLink support added (works for some, doesnt for others?)
- Fixed some bugs with paths. Many more mods will now run (QRally, SFQuake etc)
- Fixed issue with D-Pad "jerk"
- Rebuilt with latest libSDLx revision.
- Added seperate 640x480 and 320x240 builds.

This is a (near) complete list of changes made by TheDumbAss:

All of Fragger's changes to RADQuake have been ported over to the QuakeX source and modifed as needed.
This includes:

- major changes and additions to the menu system and how the buttons move you through it.
- Controller setup including the function and sensitivity of the thumb sticks	
- A functional onscreen keyboard that works on all text forms in the menus and for the console
- An optional Greatly enhanced Status Bar (includes alignment options)
- Several other changes and improvements
Changes unrelated to Fragger's code:

- Enhanced Tab Completetion.
- show_fps.
- Chasecam fixed.
- Fix to stop crashes when loading the wrong BSP version.
- max_fps From the tutorial here.

Known bugs:

- At any resolution greater than 320x240 the crosshair does not work right in menu or on screen.
- The onscreen keyboard is hyper speed in the console. In menus it is fine.

read TDA Changes.txt for more information.

Contact Info


email: [email protected]

Credits & Thanks

ID Software, Sam Lantinga, Fragger, TheDumbAss, Iriez & Xbins