XboX HD Maker V1.2
I know, already version 1.2. Lots of things have been improved though.
It's now an all-in-one package since ALL tools needed to lock/unlock,
build, clone xbox HD's are included.

Changes/addition :

- Added floppy-drive support to kernel.
- Warn users when running HD locking tools from CD. Passwd logs
  are gone after reboot. Users have the option to store the logs
  on floppy though.
- New option in xboxhd. Choose 5) to generate HD key for current HD.
  Eeprom is needed. Put in eeprom folder before burning CD.
  Only sligt modifications of code from the xbox-linux project to
  fit this non-xbox setup (thanks authors).
  I believe the passwd's to be correct but save then anyway!
- New option in xboxhd. Choose 5) to make a DOS floppy with
  locking/unlocking tools.
- New command line command 'xbrowser' will mount source CDROM and
  xbox C- and E-partitions (if present) and run semi-graphical
  filemanager (Midnight Commander). Makes modifications to xbox
  HD content more user-friendly.