yalX - yet another lock (by WiSo)

this app was created upon request. Maybe it's also useful for someone else.
It was written in 2 hours so don't expect to much.

What is it ?
yalX only allows to start an application if the right password is provided.
It adopts the name of the application and dash boards with autoitem shows
it after the first start. 

How to install ?
Rename the default.xbe of the application you want to protect to yalx.ebx and copy
the whole content of this package into the application directory. That's it !
When you first start your application you're asked to provide a new password. Type it
in and repeat it. Afterwards it's saved and from now on you're asked to provide a
password to start the application.

What can I do when I've forgot my password ?
just delete the file yalx.xbx in the yalx directory of the protected application.
You see it's only a simple protection for your children and everyone with ftp access
could remove it.

Where can I get it ?
The source code will be in the dvd2xbox repository on sourceforge and the rest at the usual places.