May 5 2003

Media X Menu 0.9k

Bigger release than expected! The Cinco De Mayo LepPpeR Lovin' Craxtion-goodness release!

Beta 0.9j
* Does not exist. There is no spoon. These are not the versions you are looking for.

Beta 0.9k
* Fixed a nasty parsing bug in the XML parser that was hosing menu XML configs.
  The parser I used failed to consider nested nodes with the same node name, so it 
  would stop parsing the node at the first end tag, instead of doing a reference count
  and incrementing/decrementing the reference count on pairs of tags. Understandable, 
  as the code gets more complex. Hopefully my fix will hold :)
* Fixed problem with FontBundle toolkit created XPR files. The tool used a newer version
  of the XDK tool, resulting in a version conflict with the MXM font routines. MXM now 
  supports both versions of fonts without complaint.
* Soundtrack issues seem to be cleaned up.
* Fixed problem with "Passcode" conditionals
* FTP Server Working! No longer using XBFileZilla, using J.P.Patches' code. Not perfect yet, as
  I've got configuration and such. For now, l/p: xbox/xbox Configuration will come in on the next version.
* Fixed minor issue with MXM style menu block - if you specify "Scale Y"a dn number of items, it didn't use 
  the proper height, and failed to display allthe items, now it does.
* Fixed synchronization issue with gadget timers
* Added new strings:
* Text elements can be used as horizontal menus. Suggested usage is to include conditional triangles on either
  side, with "CGTitle" as the string source... Tag for Text Gadgets is: <IsMenu Horizontal="true">true</IsMenu>
  "Horizontal" attribute changes the control to left/right instead of up/down.
  All the usual Text attributes apply... so have fun with it.
* Cacheing Menus! Turn off this feature in the MXM.xml with <UseMenuCache>False</UseMenuCache> under the Main node.
  Otherwise, cache_menu.xml will be generated when running from the hard drive, and used by the program
  whenever it is more current than the MXM.xml and/or the menu.xml file.
  It can be reset from the System Menu (Y Button)
* Fixed problem with Soundtracks! Didn't reveal itself until testing for release... The problem would cause
  lockups on the transition between Title and Menu states.

Big shout out to J.P.Patches for his FTP Server code.

J.P.Patches shouted back to send back a thanks to Myself (BenJeremy) and HSDEMONZ for assisting in the testing 
of the server, way back when...