// Halo Map Tools          //
// Version 3.5             //
// By MonoxideC            //

Hello, and welcome to the new and improved, and completely hacked to hell HMTv3.5!
There were some features that we all needed in order to be able to do better mods,
and me being the lazy person that I am, decided "Heh, what the hell - I'm too
lazy to code this shit!" so I did the biggest rush job in the history of man and -
that's right ladies and gentlemen - hacked the hell out of HMT to make it do my

There's this new big feature called "perfect model injection" or something like
that.  Well, this has gotta be the biggest hack job ever.  But hey it fucking
works and that's all we care about right??  Well, most of the time it works..
Screw it - who are we kidding - it's a miracle if it ever works!  No, it's not
that bad but there are definately some problems with it.  If your model looks
like that fat kid down the street sat on it, or that someone put it in a blender
when you get finished injecting it, then don't be surprised. Remember - this is a
hack job, and those tend to be about as reliable as your mom on a three day crack

Hmm.  Ok new features:

[Blank Space injector]  You can use this to add chunks of blank space to an
extracted metadata file.  It'll automatically correct the offsets in the XML.
This is a tool for the l33t modders out there that need such a thing.  If you
don't know how it could be useful, then chances are you don't have a use for it.
But if you're one of those super l33t few, you could probably pull off cool things
like.. adding a new seat to a vehicle, or secondary fire to a weapon that doesn't
have it.

[Model De-Crapper]  When you rebuild a map with new models, their vertex and index
data doesn't exist, and their meta points to the wrong place.  This will fix that
problem and create a new bsp chunk for you at the same time.  The result?  You're
models will actually look like they should! *GASP* BONER! DIE!

[Extract Range]  This will let you recursively extract a manually specified range
of data from a map.  This is a very helpful part of SP to MP conversion.  You can
then manually set an index build offset when you rebuild a map.

[Misc things]  There are some bug fixes and a new feature that shows your recently
opened maps on the file menu so you can just choose one instead of having to
browse for it.

Yeah that's about it... Thanks to all my modding friends and all the many people
in this scene who have worked hard to give all of us fun toys to play with.

This is definately the final HMT that I'll ever release.  I'm glad that so many of
you have gotten so much use out of it, and I'm thankful for all the suport you have
given to me.  To say thanks, I present to you:

- HMTv3.5
- SP->MP Tutorial / Perfect Model Injection Tutorial

Enjoy this stuff, and I wish all of you good luck, in modding and in life.