GreenProg v.0.7.0 Beta   By GreenGiant 

From the person that borught you NewHDEvox, Attribute Fixer, and many other great programs, as well
as great hardware like really cheap cheapmods, and the very popular XIR.
I bring you a new program, GreenProg.

GreenProg software is for use with the GreenProgrammer available
It will program the SST49LF020, read back, and verify the contents of the chip.

The software is also compatible with any other CheapLPC based programmer, like 
that used in the Martrix by Xodus, Ozx Prog by OZx Modchips, Neurosys, and a few others.

Future versions will also have support for other Modchips besides the SST49LF020, 
like the Xecuter 2 Lite, Xodus Chameleon, and other major CPLD based Mochips.

- MD5 Checksum Support - Will display the name of the bios you have choose to program
   the chip with.
- Multi Language Support - The software will show all the menu items, buttons and text 
   in several languges. English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian. More languages will be 
   added in upcoming versions.
- Scan LPT ports for Programmer
- Check System - Quickly checks your PC and the Programmer to make sure everything is working.
- LED Support - Control of the Read/Write LEDs on the Programmer.
- Simple GUI Interface
--- Much More ---

The interface is very simple to use. 
A tutorial and guide will be coming in the next few days. 

If you get a system check error then there may be several reasons.
The system check should tell you what is the error, if it is PC/software related.
Some things to check:
 Make sure the programmer is properly connected and the modchip is also inserted into the programmer.
 Don't use an extension cable with the programmer, also make sure to use a new battery (if not using USB Power)
 Make sure the software is set for the proper LPT port (LPT1, 2,3). If your unsure, then try the Scan Feature 
     in the settings window.

Please note that the Check Bios section is not multilanguage functional yet.
This is where the MD5 Checksums can be viewed, added, and edited.

Coming Soon:
 - Picture Tutorial and Guide for all the features of the software
 - Xecuter 2 Lite and Other CPLD Modchip Support
 - Step-by-step Wizard driven Interface
 - Custom versions of the GreenProg software
 - More languages

If you have any problems or questions feel free to contact me at
Please let me know if anything in the different languages is wrong.
Also looking for other languages, let me know if you can help.

Greets to the guys and gals at #xbins and the entire xbins network.
Any homebrew software you may ever want will be found there. As all the help you need.
Thanks to Omikron for kindly donating an Xecuter2 Lite for testing and development.

Always looking for donations, money and hardware. 
If you would like your product supported in this software be sure to contact me and submit a sample for testing and

Branding/Custom Software:
The GreenProg software will be available for Custom branding within a week.
This allows companies to provide their customers a reliable and easy to use programming software with
the hardware they sell, and have their name/logo on the software.
Please email me for pricing.