0.62 released
- fixed variable overflow prefenting 'xbox ftp client' from transferring big repositorys
- some minor fixes, more could be done

  The transfer rate depends dramatically on the file size and the amount of data.
  Transferring many small files (e.g. 'Tony Hawks Underground') is much slower
  than transferring few big files (e.g. XIII).

  gboehler, 2004 (gboehler78@web.de)

0.61 released
- fixed the dirsize listings a bit, bugs when it needs to read dirsizes on both sides.
- in honor of a huge file I was downloading - I've added resume and skip file on download ( still on test phase )
- stopped the options 7 byte memleak
- added more dynamics into harddisk mounting (look at ini-file), it's directly linked to my attempts to get 2 harddisks working in the xbox (require non-dvd bios)
- fixed so editor actually starts on F4
- fixed keyboard on change dir, rename and a few others. Blink as well as return and escape
- added <insert> to mark files ( yea I simply loved norton commander's style in the DOS days )
- switched to savegame 0x080275da - I was drunk during some of the releases and accidentaly made it use 0x080275ad - which would cause your serverlist to "disappear" (sorry about that, 080275da from now on)
- added DNS lookup, with and autodetection if it's been given a IP or something that gotta go through DNS.
- Changed the server-add from using numpad on ip - to keyboard. A bit more hassle when adding ip's, but I didn't see many options with DNS names.
- Added manual update from random servers with a proper encryption set.
- Added the option to change various colors

0.60 released 
- started the free-diskspace thread that I somehow forgot to start, now it show space left when transferring
- added 9-zone keyboard to editor
- added open/close tray with tray-status where size stood before.
- added local Move function.
- added local rename function
- added F12 to toggle menu
- added the possibillity of executing xbe's from local disk
- fixed a MAJOR crashbug in caching downloads that occured on looooong paths
- added a lot more keyboard support into it. It's now possible to only use keyboard if you want
- fixed some smaller issues with editor/viewer, works flawlessly now (?)

0.59 released
- added text editor/text viewer to the filehandler part, keyboard only for edit, navigational with arrows / pad.
- changed some minor issues to the socket system, might have to rewrite that one again.

0.58.2 released
- don't remember, but it seem important - because everything seem to work so much better in this version (thx x-mas vacation)

0.58.1 released
- minor changes to protocols, use more blocking again.
- set pasv off by default, my pasv support seem poor, gonna look into it later

0.58 released
- Added background image selector ( click images to change ), and a default image that autoloads ( xbftp.jpg in xb-ftp dir )
- rewrote ftp dirname parsing, this one should never crash during loading of directories,neither will it give "half" names
- Adept/Melon helped me with some rendering issues, thanks man
- did some make-up on delete function to show some progress on large dirs
- changed upload caching a bit to give some "life" while scanning dirs.

0.57 released
- added NOOP command so you won't get kicked out.....too fast
- added USB keyboard support
- fixed the show dirs after transfer bug, something was fishy in the refresh, caffine-code removed
- fixed upload bug that would sometimes change filesizes slightly (1 to 16k off)
- (big change) rewrote socket part to non-blocking.  This should remove some hanging issues
- fixed local delete bug, would hang sometimes when deleting directories that was empty
- fixed local copy bug, would hang sometimes when copying directories that was empty
- Put dvd-drive as n: between c and e, lazyness fault, didn't want to rewrite core
- supporting copying from dvd to hdd
- changed all sizes into KB mode so sizes doesn't wrap, as well as slightly easier to read
- threading dhcp lookup to improve startup speed

0.56 released

- added reboot in the menu, just for the fun of it
- killed all need for ini-file, it basically reads evox.ini file for the info it needs.
- fixed some...unexpected upload issues that was in 0.55. Hardware lied to the program about how much was transmitted.
- and the previous bugfix improved upload transfer speeds by appx 2-3 times
- added ftp server file sizes
- added local file sizes
- added local disk space available at hard-disk menu
- Fixed some transfer stabillity issues

0.55 released

- made it less dependent of the ini-file. it won't crash if it's not there anymore and just autosetup with dhcp instead.
- made the <start> message in the bootup slightly less annoying
- added a second local window whenever not connected, as well as some file management functions for dual windowing.
- added local copying of files/dirs
- added local delete support, DOES NOT delete on ftp-servers

0.54 released
- added ui, demanded a massive rewrite of the entire core because of earlier caffeine based programming.
- fixed som stabillity issues concerning end of queue transfer.
- redesgined transfer loops, should improve transfer speeds drastically ( 8500 kb/s xbox to xbox is common ).
- optimized some minor innerloops.
- added a little more life to pre-caching so people wont think it dies when caching massive amounts of data.
- took fonts from xtoolbox in pure envy...with Tritiums blessings ofcourse.

0.53 released
- added edit and removing of servers from the list
- added a little smarter connect routine that will no reconnect right away, but wait a little.
- create server into list without servername leaves ip:port instead of blank on the list
- made pasv a tad more reliable
- added a menu you can pop up during tranfer for aborting the transfer if you wish ( in different ways )
- fixed thumbstick-queueing which tended to crash a lot
- left thumbstick will continue transfer if you stopped it earlier
- killed a few major crashbugs in queueing, quite tricky memleak caused memory to go full
- added a delete queue function

0.52 released
- added a menu ( start button )
- added a quick-type keyboard
- added a quick-type numpad
- added serverlists ++
- fixed some minor core bugs
- added "about" in menu
- added "Connect" in menu
- added "Disconnect" in menu
- removed the need for server+login in .ini file

0.51 released
- added passive ( check ini-file )
- completed queueing, right thumb to queue, left to initiate transfer
- added some nicer user interface 
- prepared code for dialog boxes to remove the need for ini-files

0.46 released
- fixed some critical crashbugs
- adjusted some more friendlyness towards the pickyness of the evo-x server

0.41 released
- added some core issues with file structure
- put in some code for future scripting

0.40 released
- added upload, passed the test

0.33 released
- rewrote the whole file structure
- rewrote downloading to support queueing
- added a lot more info about the download
- rewrote some parts that argued with evo-x fpt server
- changed the controls to match boXplorers due to requests

0.21 released
- took away upload - too buggy, tended to crash a LOT
- took away PASV, it screwed up on most servers

Initial release 0.1
- uploaded and downloaded, one file or directory.
- possible to select
- supported PASV