Package created by: Jin356b , Jin356b@hotmail.com

NFSU PC to XBOX Extractor was created by Jin356b. nfsu_music.exe was created by Guru. I did not help Guru with his code, and he did not help me with mine. I simply edited nfsu_music.exe so it would accept the XBOX audio archive's file size. We are not in cooperation, and all the credit for nfsu_music.exe (the backbone of the extraction process that does all the work) goes to Guru. I simply "ported" it for use with xbox.


1. Place "NFSU PC to XBOX Extraction.exe", "nfsu_music.exe", and "EXTRACT.bat" in the same directory with "STRM_Music_UG0_MB.ast".
2. You need to have approximately 900mb of free space.
3. I would recommend making a backup copy of "STRM_Music_UG0_MB.ast" incase something goes wrong. 
4. To start the extraction, run "EXTRACT.bat", and let it work. It should take good amount of time(depending on you computer), because it has to rebuild a 144mb archive for every track.
5. Don't worry about all those "header not found" statements. Just as long as there is one "ok" out of the 27, then its doing fine.


Author: Jin356b

Email: Jin356b@hotmail.com

Release Date: 3-16-04

Purpose: This program automatically lines up the offsets of the XBOX NFSU 
music archive with the offsets of the PC NFSU music archive. This allows 
Guru's NFSU Music Extractor to extract the audio tracks from the XBOX 
version. I did not create or help with the creation of Guru's NFSU Music 
Extractor. I did change part of Guru's program, so that it would accept 
a larger file size. I would have changed it so it looked for the different
offsets, but i could not find where to change them becaue the program is 
compressed, and it extracts itself, and it gets reeeeaallly meeeesssyyy. 

Anyways, you are free to use and modify this code, under certain 
conditions: Don't sell this code! (thats just mean). Also, give proper 
credit to where its due. If you do change it, drop me an email, because
i would be curious on how to make it better. This program was built with 
Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise

Guru: If you're reading this I hope your not too mad with me for changing
your code without permission. I tried to get in contact with you for over
2 month, but i got no responses.

Anyone: If anyone knows any information about the codec used to compress
the NFSU audio track (Guru, cough.....cough) please email me! I am trying 
to construct a music importer, but can't find the compression scheme.

Until next time, keep hackin that box!


I am not responsible for any problems that should arise from anyone using this program. By running the program, you accept that all outcomes are your fault. This program is provided 'as is' with no guarantee(s) or warranty(s). If you computer blows up and memory sticks start flying out you ears, because you used my or Guru's program, then i will not be responsible.