Version history for LinksBoks

2004-03-21: version 0.91 "Lemmiwinks Edition"

- You asked for it: USB keyboard/mouse support (see notes below)
  Done without the hardware :)
  Thanks to sebel19 from the gueux forums for testing this out.
- Downloads to disk are now working!
  The default download directory is X:\, it can be changed, check the
  Options manager. D: is mapped to the LinksBoks directory, not the DVD.
- HDTV should work now (still untested though)
- Added some options to the Options manager: look in "User interface"
- Video calibration screen (Options>Video calibration) to adjust your margins 
  easily. Don't forget to save your options afterwards!
- Options can now be saved :). Delete your existing links.cfg & options files.
- Fixed the scrolling glitch in the tree-based dialogs.
- Changed some mappings in Navigation Mode
  (B=ESC on keyboard, Y=close current tab/cancel dialog/exit)
- Clicking left thumbstick changes input mode as well as BACK
- D-pad has a (configurable) repeat rate now.

KNOWN BUGS/RELEASE NOTES for this version:
- ftp:, file: protocols are still broken. Expect the 'LINKSBOKS CRASHED!' 
  screens you've seen before.
- About the keyboard: only the US layout is supported. Supporting other
  layouts implies doing the key <-> ascii code mappings by hand, and I'll
  _never_ do this myself, sorry.
- Extra buttons on Intellimouses should normally do back/forward.
- It seems the Javascript engine would be a pain in the ass to reenable, so it 
  might stay off :/. It's rather weak anyway, you would be disappointed.
- Flash/Java support is basically not possible, so stop asking please :).

2004-03-07: version 0.9 PUBLIC BETA

- Initial release.

This is a pre-release of v1.0, aimed at testing LinksBoks on a large scale. 
Please report any problems that aren't covered here. Note that the HTML 
rendering engine works fine as far as I know, I won't work on it. So if it 
doesn't meet your expectations, enhance it yourself, or run GentooX or whatever 
and fire up Mozilla or Konqueror.

KNOWN BUGS (don't complain about them)/RELEASE NOTES for this version :
- FTP is broken;
- Downloads (saving to disk) are disabled/broken;
- There is no way to input accented characters (too lazy :p);
- Some GIF images are messed up, for example the top banner on xbox-scene
  (too lazy too, I'll look into it);
- HTTPS support is disabled (planned for next release);
- The built-in Javascript engine is disabled (wouldn't compile and it was not
  on my top-priority list... it might be eventually reenabled some day)
- No support for USB keyboard/IR/whatever for now, as I don't have those
- Need to clean up the code
- Leave out the options/displays that aren't useful or applicable on Xbox
- Replace the links-hacked internal documentation by something more appropriate
- Various other bugs I forgot about