Some :-)

- fixed config area converting
- Added HDD lock status and HDD info
- Fixed code in Linux boot
- Fixed Ejecting DVD drive on Focus 1.4/1.5 Boxes
- Added Support for 2MB bioses (sorry, Web-upload was corrupt)
- Added Support for Embedded Linux
- Added Additional Recovery Menue 
- Some small things, users wrote to our whishlist


How to update ???

There are people in the chat .. , telling the update is sooo complicated ?
SmartXX Team does not understand what there is complicated, in taking:
- Either File to HDD 
- Either File to CD
- Or simple upload in the flash bios section - (oh yes, there is no "bank" for this)
  So only flash to any bank (best let it like it is) and upload the bios.
  SmartXX OS is designed to help the user, and it will automatically "detect" the upgrade bios.
- The update bios can be named at any name.
- Also, there are rumors, you have to update all revisions and go up in steps.
  This is false, and there is no need to do.

by SmartXX Team