-Paul Bartholomew for xbflash and LBA48 support and kernel
-Superfro for his original BIOS mods.
-k3rn3l and MomDad for ideas, info and other support.
-SantMat for his ultra-smooth no-animation, no-DVD-check,
 LED color patches, and more.
-Team Phoenix for info and other support.
Extracts, Compiles, and Patches XBOX BIOS/Kernel Files.
See XBtoolDoc.html for more info.
LBA48 Notes (see XBtoolDoc.html)

Please give all credit for the LBA48 stuff to oz_paulb. He's
done what many said couldn't be done. See the documentation
for more details on the LBA48 and partition options. Also
check http://forums.xbox-scene.com/ for help.


1.0.18.b3 (Beta! Use at your own risk!)

Fix: dashname patch in evox kernels (broken in b2)


No reset on eject in dash (X2 4981 reset on eject patch).

Detects reset on eject status of Evox kernels. 


Do not mix any files from an older version of XBtool with
this release.

Reset on eject still affects apps like Xbox Media Player
(this may or may not get fixed).

Loading files patched with this XBtool version into an older
version is not advised. If you do so then be sure to check
your dash names.


Reset on eject patch for X2 4981.

Fix: format of kernel version display.


Fix: long standing boot flags bug (thanks to heinrich for
causing me to find this :-) ).

Fix: converting M7 to BFM now works even if the BFM flag is
not set.

Fix: some display issues related to kernel loading

Tweaked some display items.

Added kernel version display.


Supports fixed (and unfixed) X2 4981 BIOS.

Fix: DVD check was ticked on 4981 load (this was a display
error and didn't affect patching).


X2 4981 support (dropped X2 4980 support).

Fix: possible crash when using a limited user account.

Fix: temporary file "foo3.img" written to C:\ (feel free to
delete this file if you have it).

bfm_remainder.img no longer required or used for BFM conversion.

Slightly improved documentation.

Some display text changes.

1.0.13b2 (Beta! Use at your own risk!)

Fix: X2 4980 not recognized in released version.

1.0.13.b1 (Beta! Use at your own risk!)

X2 4980 support (experimental).

Fix: crash when loading a kernel with fan set to 100%


Fix: crash when converting to BFM via save.

Fix: patched x2 4979 no recognized after patching.

Tweaked config handling for better error catching and
logging (xbflash).

Optional installer.