Release: 02-06-04
  Bug fixes: 1
  New features: 10
  Other: 2

  ddh: [email protected], [email protected]

  Thanks to Glom and acidflash for helping me bug test. If there are any problems 
  please report them.

  There were a lot of changes this round, so I may have missed something.

---==[Bug fixes]==---

-Very last copy/paste problem
   So I kept missing things..blah blah..Anyway, all copy/paste problems
   that I knew of were fixed (which was only one thing). You can now ctrl+c
   and ctrl+v in the offset edit boxes as much as you want.

---==[New features]==---

-Main window redesign
  The main window has a much cleaner interface now. Things have been
  removed, or changed. It may take a little bit to get used to, but it
  is nothing drastic.

-BP history window redesign
  The breakpoint history window has gotten a redesign as well. Instead
  of only being able to see one past breakpoint at a time, you can now
  see them all. Also, you can copy the information via a right click menu.
  This window can also be resized if you wish.

-Save/Load in queue window
  The queue window now has a save/load button (Small and in the top right
  corner). This will allow you to save and load "scripts" of sorts that you
  can make.

-Independent log window
  The log window has been moved off of the main window, and put on its own
  window. This allows you to resize the log as large as you like.

-Status line
  Will just allow you to see what happened last if you happen to have the log
  hidden away.

-Main window always on top
  You can have the main window always be on top. This is useful if you want
  to go thru the log, but not have the main window lose focus.

-BP color status
  Breakpoints now have a colored icon next to them to allow you to easily
  see which are enabled, and which are not.
  Clear = no breakpoint
  Dark green = disabled breakpoint
  Bright green = enabled breakpoint

-Multibyte pokeing
  You can now poke multiple bytes at once, instead of just having a single
  byte poke. If you want to see what will be poked before it happens then
  there is a setting that will prompt you with the data before it pokes.

-Reverse/normal order
  You can also select if you want the bytes poked in normal or reversed order.
  This is available thru the settings.

-Screen log soft limit
  The screen log has a soft limit (number of bytes to display) that you may not
  change. Before this was hard coded. There is still a hard limit that is assigned
  by windows. To disable the soft limit put "0" into the size box.


-Method for setting/changing breakpoints
  Now if you want to set or change a breakpoint all you have to do is either
  double click in the breakpoint area, or right click the offset in the memory
  results area. You get a new window that allows you to set various breakpoint

-Dump window option
  The dump window is intentionally grayed out. I am currently working on this, and
  at it's current stage it's nothing special. You'll do fine with using what the log
  shows you.