This was originally developed for the purpose of being able to
extract xdvdfs iso images under linux. This source will compile
under win32 if  _WIN32 is defined at compile time. However due
to the requirements of using the win32 api file management functions
for files larger then 2GB the windows version will fail on images
larger then 2GB and i have no plans on rewriting it for this purpose.

Well I'm not going to explain how to compile under win but the makefile
is in the lcc dir as well as the binary and obj files for the win
port. It was built with lcc-win32, a free compiler/linker/ide for win.
The project file is included as well but locations would require being

There is most likely several bugs, and it has lacked a great deal
of testing. The src is sloppy and has several known problems that need
to be fixed. Feedback is welcome at [email protected]

Even though there is ftplib for win, i will not include a binary with
ftp support for the windows version of xbiso and the source is untested
for it so may not even work in its current state.

xiso 1.10 for sure and probably every revision < then that, the last
record in a sectors rtable should contain the distance from the beginning
of the table to the start of the next sector/4, however it contained the
distance from the start of the previous sector to the next. This caused 
xbiso to segf when trying to extract these images. This issue has been 
fixed in 1.15 of xiso and the -x flag of xbiso forces compat for <=1.10 
images. Without forcing -x on images created with these versions xbiso
will segfault. You can force it on all images and wont hurt, but it will
slow down processing the records slightly.

Project Credits and Links.

        For the nice documentation on xdvdfs.

        For making porting much easier.

        My choice of compiler for win.


Stefan Alfredsson  <[email protected]>
	ftp support.