BIOS CHECKER v4.0Beta - by CrackJack Italy


- BiosChecker ad BiosScan now uses an EXTERNAL BIOS LIST contained in file BIOSES.INI. 
  Everybody can now add bioses without problems. For notes about bios update read notes contained at the top 
  of bioses.ini file.
- Bioses checksums are now MD5 STANDARD.
- BIOSSCAN was TOTALLY REWRITTEN and now can do 2 basic things:
  1) CHECK A BIOS file to show you what kind of bios or multibios contains ("Check Selected Bios" button)
  2) CALCULATE and ADD new Bios MD5 HASHES in file BIOSES.INI ("Update MD5 hashes in bioses.ini" button)
- Added recognition of Xecuter2 4980 and 4981

Remember that this release of BiosChecker and BiosScan is a major BETA release, so progz may be BUGGY.
Please, post me feedback email to know if there are problems. 
Greetings from Italy!