ReleashED v0.04a Public Alpha

is a skinning utility for all you (advanced) Unleash-x skinners out there!

Create your own skin by customizing nearly all tags and settings:
- Change images and image positions
- Change menu and menu position
- Add text and text position(s)
- Easy apply your own colorscheme
- Import your skin for future editing (only ReleashED skins supported !)
and much more !

Still to do :
- Add shapes
- Add visual menu / text / image creator

I included my own skin "Full Power GT" which was created with ReleashED as a sample skin.
Twilights "Alien Device" do also work with ReleashED.

You need Microsoft in order to run ReleashED.
Feel free to host / distribute this file on your website.

Please report bugs in the Unleashx forums @

coded by freakdave