!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a beta release. Use at your own risk. The LBA48 code
has not undergone rigorous testing. All other BIOS options
and combinations of options have not been fully tested.

-Paul Bartholomew for xbflash and LBA48 support and kernel
-Superfro for his original BIOS mods.
-k3rn3l and MomDad for ideas, info and other support.
-SantMat for his ultra-smooth no-animation, no-DVD-check,
 LED color patches, and more.
-Team Phoenix for info and other support.
Extracts, Compiles, and Patches XBOX BIOS/Kernel Files.
See XBtoolDoc.html for more info.
LBA48 Notes (see XBtoolDoc.html)

Please give all credit for the LBA48 stuff to oz_paulb. He's
done what many said couldn't be done. See the documentation
for more details on the LBA48 and partition options. Also
check http://forums.xbox-scene.com/ for help.


1.0.13b2 (Beta! Use at your own risk!)

Fix: X2 4980 not recognized in released version.

1.0.13.b1 (Beta! Use at your own risk!)

X2 4980 support (experimental).

Fix: crash when loading a kernel with fan set to 100%


Fix: crash when converting to BFM via save.

Fix: patched x2 4979 no recognized after patching.

Tweaked config handling for better error catching and
logging (xbflash).

Optional installer.