ExultX - Ultima 7 game engine for Xbox - based on Exult 1.1.3cvs

To play
First you need to get Ultima 7. Either you own it already, or
you buy it somewhere. Then you must install it on a DOS/Windows
machine to get the data files. 
Alternatively, the 'Ultima Collection' already contains a
pre-installed version of U7. (in the directory /ultima7)

The folders are already set up for you.  All you need to do is
copy all the files from the 'static' directories of blackgate
and serpent isle, to the respective 'static' directories in this

To get any real music, you will also need to download the ogg 
music files from here:


Extract the contents of both zip files into the /data/music folder.  
Regular MIDI support will be added later.

Also please download these 2 sound packs:


Extract the contents of both zip files into the /data folder.

Included with the archive is an exult.cfg which has the 
paths setup in a nice way for the xbox.  It is not advised to
change the paths, unless you know what you are doing.

For any questions / info about exult, please visit http://exult.sf.net

Have fun!

If you have a mouse or keyboard or both for your xbox, they should
work exactly as in the pc version of exult.  Please see the other
readme's / faq etc, for more info on that.  The xbox version does
have support for the xbox controller however.  It only will respond
to the first controller.

Currently the controller is set up to allow you to execute the most
common commands directly from the controller, rather than clicking
through the menus or inventory screens.  A future version will most
likely support re-mapping of the buttons, but for now this is the 
current configuration (feedback on a better default configuration is
most welcome):

Back: Close pop-up windows
Start: Bring up menu
L-Thumb: Move mouse
R-Thumb(click): Resize screen
D-Pad: Walk
A: Click / Drag
X: Walk
Y: Toggle Combat
B: Show Inventory
White: Feed
Black: Spellbook

To enter text for the character name and save games:
D-Pad Right: Add a letter
D-Pad Left: Remove the last letter
D-Pad Up / Down: Change the current letter
R-Trig: Speed up letter rotation

Lantus for his excellent SDL port.
Exult team for their excellent game engine.