Bug fixes:
-Big log buffer problem.
   The on screen log wouldn't work properly after a large amount of data
   had been receieved. It would stop logging. This has been fixed.

-Settings window failing to load.
   If your comctl32.dll is out of date the settings window will fail to 
   load. This newer version now prompts the user about the problem, and 
   asks them to update their dll (Needs the IP control).

-Various copy/paste problems
   Various copy/paste problems have been fixed. These include copy/pasting
   from one offset box to another, copy/pasting via ctrl combinations, and
   buffer problems.

New features:
-Breakpoint window.
   A window pops up showing the breakpoint information, and a history of past
   breakpoints. This window will be tweaked a bit to give more information, but
   for now it works fine.

-Queue window.
   Allows entry of multiple raw commands for queueing up actions.

-Clear logs
   Two new options: clear the on screen log, and clear the file log.

-Shortcut keys
   Added some shortcut keys to speed up certain tasks. More will be added in
   the future.

ddh: efnet@mphacking
Thanks to Glom for helping me bug test. If there are any problems please report them.