1.6.2 beta changelog

fixed: importing bmps, other jpg conflicts
fixed: saving packages with bmps
fixed: .png not supported yet, so error handeling fixed
fixed: other TEENY TINY bugs

1.6.1 beta changelog

fixed: finished bg pic previewing!!!!
added: "create package", saves ini and bg appropriately to hcec directory in "my projects\[project name]"
fixed: other small bugs
fixed: did i mention i finished bg pic preview!!!!!!

1.6 beta 2 changelog

fixed: ini loading
fixed: many small bug fixes
added: .bmp,.jpg, and .png BG importing (to be finished soon)
fixed: adjusted preview size, now 75% of real size (all objects)

1.6 beta 1 changelog

organized code
added: copyable and pastable ini codes
added: more presets
added: skinning text or actual text options for preview
fixed: adjusted preview according to XBOX War3z's NEW version (still works with older versions)
fixed: adjusted preview default location
fixed: preview color, sliders, and skin.ini code after loading
fixed: opacity 0-7 bug
fixed: about page icon
fixed: text for section title
fixed: about title
fixed: adjusted all the menu and pop up nonsense
fixed: preview check / uncheck nonesense
fixed: shadow
fixed: selected text
fixed: made minimizable (lol oops)
fixed: auto update on preview when loading an ini
fixed: redid menu bg and menu outline code
fixed: preview minimizes/restores with main window
fixed: msgbox for startup with no default.ini found