Quick little info about EvoXDTSR..

Created on Windows XP, so if you've got a diff OS and are having problems please let me know. There aren't any bugs I'm aware of, but if ya find one..Again let me know. I created EvoXDTSR because I didn't really like the UI of ETT. It was rather big, and had plenty of open space. Also, the logging was really screwy. I think my UI is a bit better, but that's for you to decide. I can be contacted on EFNet in the channel #mphacking for any questions. Feel free to stop by.

All the standard TSR commands
Saves your breakpoint info when using set/enable/disable/clear
Can automatically log to file
Can freeze/unfreeze the game when doing a search (Don't know if this is needed, but it only took a few secs to put in)

I think it's pretty straight forward, but I'll give it a quick explanation.. When using a button in the "Memory" catagory you must fill in the offset and parameter (if required). An example for if I wanted to do a search would be to set my address to nothing and my param to 4. I could also want to dump some memory, so I would set the address to 24982 and the parameter to 23 (for how many bytes to dump). I believe that is clear. For the "Breakpoint" catagory you select which breakpoint (0 through 3) you want to work with, select your action (if needed), and enter your offset. The breakpoints are saved, and just going back to another number restores its information. Once you press clear on it, the information is removed.