xISO xFER PRO v0.2 Readme
Thanks to L!M!T releasing the sourcecode to xISO xFER, this is a 
highly modified version, designed for speed and functionality rather 
than looks. 

New features in the PRO edition:
* True "on the fly" extraction, files will be transferred straight to 
  your XBOX without being saved to disk first (if you have enough ram). 
* Supports rar files, just open them as you would an iso and xISO xFER 
  PRO will take care of the rest.
* Chooses a directory name automatically, based on the name taken from default.xbe
* Much improved batch mode, just select or drag&drop multiple files and sit back. 
* No annoying unnecessary dialogs. 
* No bloat,  skin, multilingual + other components all removed.

The result is less than half the size, and much faster. All 
settings should be straight forward, and defaults are provided for 
most of them. 

The readme from the original xISO xFER is below... a lot of it does 
not apply any more, but I can't be bothered making a proper readme.

Have fun

xISO xFER v1.0bU Readme

Use this program on your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any damage
this program might have caused to your Xbox, PC or housepet(?)!

See update.txt for any information regarding updates,
bugfixes or changes since the previous version!

xISO xFER is another Xbox ISO image extractor.
There are several other xISO extractors out there,
and if you are satisfied with the one you are currently
using, stick with it.

The main feature with xISO xFER is that you can select
your xISO (Xbox ISO) image and extract and transfer it
'on-the-fly' to your Xbox. It is thereby not necessary to
extract the ISO prior to transferring it to your Xbox.

xISO xFER supports drag-and-drop.

Yup, in v0.5b, multilingual support is added. You can find
the available languages @ http://limit.agent55.com/xFER
If it doesn't exist there, download the translation file
'translate_me.ini' and translate everything after the '='
signs. Rename it to 'language.ini' and restart xISO xFER
to check that it is correct. If you translate it into your
language, mail it to me and I will provide it for download
at the xISO xFER page, if it already isn't available from 
the xISO xFER download page, that is.


The GUI should explain a whole lot, but anyway;

First, enter your Xbox information into the textboxes in
xISO xFER and save them.

I think that the Xbox IP, login, password and port are pretty

When loading or adding a xISO to extract/xFER, you will be asked
to choose if xISO xFER should be treating it as an 'XISO <= v1.1 xISO'.
This because XISO (Yursoft) v1.1 and earlier did not create 'true'
Xbox images. If you get an error while scanning the xISO, try reload
the xISO and choose 'Yes' upon the question of XISO mode.

You will also get the question if you are running xbFileZilla, to enable
xbFileZilla mode. This mode will leave the 'drive/dir' syntax unmodified,
so you need to enter this the exact way that xbFileZilla want it!

New (moved) media check ID autopatcher implemented. Totally transparent to
user. If any XBE file is encountered with the media check and the autopatch
option is enabled, xISO xFER will patch this automagically. 
This won't affect the source xISO in anyway.


[Rename XBE]

If you want to rename the XBE titlename, check the box and enter a new
name. This will be displayed in the Evo-X menu.

[Xbox partition+dir]

Here you must enter the partition + any subfolders you want to install the
extracted xISO to.

I.e: You have a 'games' directory in partition 'E' of your Xbox, so you


..or (since v0.7b);


Enter the Xbox FTP port here. If you haven't changed your port settings
for Evolution-X, use 21 as port.

[Game dir name]

This is the name of the directory that the extracted xISO will be 
extracted to.

I.e: doa3

***This directory will be created on the Xbox HDD by xISO xFER, so it
is vital that it does not already exist!***

This will create a directory in 'E/games' named 'doa3'. To this directory
will the xISO extract to -> 'E/games/doa3'

Now, load up your xISO by pressing 'Load xISO'. The program has only been
tested with 'true' xISO images, created by GDFIMAGE.EXE (c) Microsoft or

xISO xFER will validate the xISO. If it is validated correctly, it will
enable the 'Mode' and 'Extract' options. Otherwise, it will display errors
in the 'Header ID' and 'Tail ID' field and you won't be able to extract.

If the xISO structure isn't according to GDF standard, then an error message
will let you know this.

[Mode: Local or xFER]

[Local] mode will extract the xISO into the 'temp' directory where xISO xFER
has been extracted/installed for further processing by you. Do NOT delete
the 'temp' directory!

[xFER] mode will extract and transfer the xISO to your Xbox 'on-the-fly'.

Easy as pie...

There will be *HEAVY* diskactivity while extracting...
NOTE: Since v0.7b, the re-coded extraction routines have been re-coded (again)
due to user reports of 'Range check error' while extracting. 
There *might* be heavy disk activity while running either mode (Local or xFER).
It all depends on the amount of RAM installed in the computer.

[Status indicators]

While extracting or xFERRiNG, the taskbar button displays the current status
of the job. It indicates like this:

[Local% | FTP% | Batch%]

Local % is the *total* extraction progress of the current xISO.

FTP % is the *total* xFER progress of the current xISO.

Batch % is the *total* batch progress status.


[Batch Mode]

Due to public request, a batch xFER mode has been implemented in v0.9b.
Using it is pretty simple. If you got a bunch of xISO's you want to xFER to your
box, just press the 'Batch Mode' button and the batch mode window pops up:

[Add xISO]

Is there really necessary to explain the function of this button?
Press it and select your xISO. Upon selecting it, xISO xFER will scan it for
redundancy, add the XBE title and xISO size to the batch list.

A message box pops up, asking you to enter the partition/dir, or as many of you
like to think as drive/dir. Just like the ordinary xFER function, this can
be entered as 'drive/dir' or 'drive:\dir'. If you use the 'drive:\dir' syntax,
xISO xFER will convert this into 'drive/dir'. So, no xbFileZilla support yet.
I will try to implement support for xbFileZilla in future versions.

When this has been entered, a new message box makes it's entrance on your
screen. This one wants to know the gamedir. I.e 'doa3' or what directory you
want your xISO to end up in. Look above for more explanation.


This button won't be enabled until there are at least two xISO's in the batch
list. When you have added all your xISO's to the batch list, press this and
the batch xFER will start.

[Delete entry]

Pressing this button will delete the selected entry in the batch list.

[Clear all]

Clears all entries in the batch list.


Aborts and closes the batch mode window.

[Batch list]

Various information about the added xISO's.

[Update] (change the information of the batch entries)

To change information of the xISO's in the batch list, doubleclick the
specific xISO entry, and you can enter a new XBE title, change the Xbox
partition/dir (drive:\dir) and the game dir.

After changing any of these, press this button to update the changes.

NOTE: As you surely understand, the batch mode uses the current FTP settings
      (which are loaded at startup), except for the 'partition/dir' and
      'gamedir' settings which you enter during the selection of the xISO's.

      Also, when selecting batch mode, xISO xFER defaults to xFER mode.
      Batchmode local extraction mode is currently not available.


Use this program on your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any damage
this program might have caused to your Xbox, PC or housepet(?)!

Greetings go to (in no particular order): the people in #Xbins, the entire Xbox
scene, with all it's contributors, all former [TEX] members, Depeh, Femme_Fatale, 
Aceon Spider, Athen, DiLL, Peck, Rebellious and all I have forgotten.
You know who you are.

A special thank you goes out to MUFFiN for enduring my antisocial behaviour
during the development of this program. Luv U! :)

And of course, Aaron Robinson, a.k.a Caustik, for the wonderful XBE file format

Andrew de Quincey, for the XBDVDFS documentation.

The GPL source used for xISO engine translation is originally made by 
Tonto Rostenfaunt @ http://sourceforge.net/projects/xbiso/

Also, a thanks to Florian Lohoff and XoXoX.

L!M!T (http://limit.agent55.com/xFER)

Money checks and other gifts can be sent to [email protected]