True Crimes: Streets of LA (USA) +4
Lock Badge Points
Lock Bad Cop -99 (255 bad deeds, 0 good)
Lock Good Cop +99 (255 good deeds, 0 bad)
Can't lose karma

Lock Badge Points:
Running over people, getting killed, or paying for training will 
no longer take away badge points.. Enjoy

Lock Bad Cop -99:
You need to run over or shoot an innocent to make this happen,
good deeds may (I didn't test) increase this value, but if it does
just run over someone and it'll reset to 255 bad, 0 good deeds..

Lock Good Cop +99:
Same as above, but good points..

Can't lose karma:
You can earn karma, but not lose it, be aware, that this option
disables the Lock Good/Bad cop stuff..