V1.42 WIP 4 December 2003

IMPORTANT NOTE: This build is a Work In Progress (WIP) 
build of xSnes9x. As always when using WIP builds, use 
it at your own risk. The idea is to keep releasing WIP 
builds until all/most bugs are ironed out. When finding 
bugs, please be concise and detailed as possible. Please 
use the Lantus-X forums at http://www.lantus-x.com/forums 
to post your bug reports.

Whats New?

- Merged in V1.42 Win32 build changes. Check CHANGES.TXT for more information.
- SDD-1 Decompression "on the fly" routines added. Enjoy Star Ocean and SFA2
  without graphics packs :)
- Added second button in SuperScope.
- Removed CDDA streaming for now. CPU load was impacting performance.
- Previews now appear on Favorites, Savestates and SRAM browsers.
- DVD-Browser should now be working.