****	Change Log	****

Version:	0.2.1201A
Release Date:	12/01/2003

Fixed 	Memory Unit detection. MUs are now properly detected. NOTE: Mounting MU on Port 1, Slot A would probably throw an error. Please use another port.
Fixed	USB Keyboard, Take 2. Now works properly. 
Fixed	smartFTP FTP client is now fully working.
Fixed	Zipping/Unzipping of files to a non existing folder would cause the process to fail.
Fixed	Lock ups on xboxes without the Audio folder
Fixed	DVD/CD Player on drive F can't be detected on bootup.
Fixed	Game name is one charecter short for Xbox titles that doesn't have title name. Please delete your items.xml found in the same folder if you are experiencing this.
Fixed	Detects properly if UnleashX was launch as the default dash or as an application
Fixed	Depending on which mode it was run, Rebbot will either go back to the defaukt dash, or resets the system.
Fixed	Interchanged L/R trigger for fast scrolling
Fixed	Menu Item spacing is too wide for skins that suppresses game icon.
Fixed	File manager, sometimes, doesn't respond to the commands. It just sits there saying checking for files but there's really nothing going on
Fixed	File manager, reworked most of the file operation method.
Fixed	Added a check when saving settings to a read-only config.xml.
Fixed	Copy Action command ( <Item Action="Copy" Arg1="C:\FNemo.zip" Arg2="Z:\FNemo.zip">Copy Finding Nemo</Item> )
Added	CopyDVD Action command ( <Item Action="CopyDVD">Copy DVD</Item> )
Added	Progress indicator when doing file operation (Copy, CopyDVD) using the Action command
Added	Cancel operation when doing file operation using the Action command ( Press Back Button while copying)
Added	Rename Action command ( <Item Action="Rename" Arg1="Z:\FNemo.zip" Arg2="Z:\FNemo2.zip">Rename Nemo</Item> )
Added	Quick Reset ( <Item Action="Reset">Reset</Item> )
Added	Powercycle ( <Item Action="PowerCycle">Power Cycle</Item> )
Added	Displays the current file when zipping.
Added	Displays the destination file when moving/copying.
Added	The fog can now be turned off from the skins ( <Main Fog="False"> )
Added	Ability to change Main Menu font thru skinning. Please only use XPR format(Add <Font>MyFont.xpr</Font> INSIDE the "<Menu></Menu>" element)
Added	Ability to change InfoText font thru skinning. Please only use XPR format( <InfoFont>MyFont.xpr</InfoFont> )
Added	Ability to scale infotext in both direction using "ScaleX" and "ScaleY" attribute. Note: Value is in percent without the % sign. Default is 100 and can not be less than 25. ( <Text Left="35" Top="30" ScaleX="150" ScaleY="150" Source="IP"/> )
Added	Ability to customize infotext further by using your own text. ( <Text Left="35" Top="30" ScaleX="150" ScaleY="150" Source="My IP: $IP$"/> ) Note: $IP$ will be replaced with the current IP. The ID enclosed in $ sign is case sensitive, meaning $IP$ will work and $ip$ won't. Please see skinning overview for details.

Version:	0.1.1126A
Release Date:	11/27/2003
First public release