HCE Customizer v1.5 Beta 3
		By CLuis & raz0r

  What is it:
	A skin maker for HCE, Halo Cache Editor by XBOX_War3z .
	Supports All features supported in the skin.
	Screenshots are included to see the damn well good similarity
	between the built in preview and the real HCE look. (thanks J5892)
	Gradients BG and transparencies.
	Included is a proggy (thanks N-) to make bug reports for this 
	proggy if you do happen to find a bug generate a bug report and 
	send it to CLuis at [email protected]


	If your reading this, you probably already did it right.
  How to use:

	Select object, then choose the color and/or opacity you want. Press 'Apply Changes' when 
	done with object, then do more objects if you wish. Save as Skin.ini and transfer to the Main HCE 
	directory on your xbox.


	HCEC is only in Beta stage. There WILL be bugs.
	The '.ini' MUST BE NAMED skin.ini to work on HCE.
	Take into account that opacity does not effect color of the preview color.
	Best way to skin is by trial and error, testing and remaking.

  Raz0r's Thanks:

		Helping a... *ahem* a TON with the coding, and being cool
	XBOX War3z
		Helped with coding
		HCE ;) I love it!
		This opportunity to learn Visual Basic

		Good times, like trivia and riddles. Most of you guys are cool