Bubble Trouble SX programmed by SHiZNO

Original game was for Mac, despite popular demand to port to windows the publisher denied, denied and denied...well now it really doesnt matter because i cloned the game and its almost exactly the same (despite a few differences, eg: useless powerups ignored)

With respect to the original developers/owners if you like this game you should probably think about buying the real Mac version (if you have a mac)...if you dont i guess you have no choice to play this ;) (unless you want to deal with the annoyance of having to emulate the MAC OS, or Ambrosia decides to port it to Windows)

Controls:  Button (A) selects everything in menu, pushes bubbles in game etc...
	Buttons Black/White to cycle custom soundtracks
	Start pauses.

Source code is freely available, edit anything you want... its not the best source out there but it might help if you need menus and what-not for your own games... all graphics were ripped from the real Bubble Trouble, so maybe someone would like to make new gfx, which would be nice. (smoother animations maybe)

If you are interested in learning Xbox development, come join us in #xfactor on EFNET (IRC) or visit the site  www.xfactordev.net for code samples, forum etc...

If you like this game check out Baku Baku X (Xbox version of Baku Baku coded by me)

One last thanks to everyone who tested or did anything towards the project, thanks to Iriez/xbins for hosting the files