!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a beta release. Use at your own risk. The LBA48 code
has not undergone rigorous testing. All other BIOS options
and combinations of options have not been fully tested.

                 ***** LBA48 Warning *****

If you choose the partitioning option "Partition 6 Takes
Rest of the Drive", and if your drive is greater than 137GB
and has a partition 6, data corruption will result. Only use
this option if you plan on reformatting partition 6.


-Paul Bartholomew for xbflash and LBA48 support and kernel
-Superfro for his original BIOS mods.
-k3rn3l and MomDad for ideas, info and other support.
-SantMat for his ultra-smooth no-animation, no-DVD-check,
 LED color patches, and more.
-Team Phoenix for info and other support.
Extracts, Compiles, and Patches XBOX BIOS/Kernel Files.
See XBtoolDoc.html for more info.
LBA48 Notes (see XBtoolDoc.html)

Please give all credit for the LBA48 stuff to oz_paulb. He's
done what many said couldn't be done. See the documentation
for more details on the LBA48 and partition options. Also
check http://forums.xbox-scene.com/ for help.
Fan Speed Notes

I set the minimum to 20%, which is the default. The maximum
speed is 100%. The max speed is 100%. Internally the speed
percentage will be rounded down to the nearest even number,
so a setting of 25% will result in an actual setting of 24%.

Use with caution. I don't know if there are any issues with
user selected speed settings. Turning it up may help cooling
but if the Xbox automatically shifts up the speed when it
gets hot (does it?) then that feature could become disabled.
RC4_key_encrypt Keyword (xbflash)

The XBFlashLib included with XBtool supports the
RC4_key_encrypt keyword for both packing and unpacking.

RC4_key_encrypt=0: no RC4 encryption is used.
RC4_key_encrypt=1: only the kernel is encrytped.
RC4_key_encrypt=2: both 2bl and kernel are encrypted.

For example, you can make BFM BIOS's (presumably for use
with the Phoenix Loader) without an RC4 key using the
config key RC4_key_encrypt=1. See "Clear 2bl Debug.ini" in
the "More Configs" folder.


All X2 4979 patches should be considered beta until version
1.0.12 is final.


Fix: crash when converting to BFM via save.
Fix: patched x2 4979 no recognized after patching.
Tweaked config handling for better error catching and
logging (xbflash).


Extended dash pathname patch for X2 4979.


LBA48 partition scheme options for 4979 (experimental). 
Fix: disables Save As... button for unsupported kernels. 


Experimental: support for X2 4979 BIOS's ("experimental"
means it might not work). Use at your own risk.

Experimental: Dash on partition 7 (G).

Note: extended dashboard pathnames not yet supported for X2


Fix: boot flags were not being written when using the pack function.


Fix: splash logo toggle for M7 (thanks Arcann).


Fix: fan speed over 50% reset to 50% on read (did not effect
actual setting of the speed).

Unencrypted 2bl support (actually added a few versions ago).


Fix: led/fan settings reading after save.
Fix: third dash setting on Evox BIOS's.


DVD drive check skip for M7.

Fixed a minor patching bug.


Experimental support for M7 BIOS's ("experimental" means it
might not work). Use at your own risk.


Using Paul Bartholomew's (oz_paulb) updated xbflash (adds
5101 unpack/pack support).

I've made several modifications to Paul's code. Please
report bugs.


Fix: dashboard pathname max length resetting to standard
length after reloading a patched ROM file.


128 character dashboard pathnames.

3 editable dashboard pathnames (including evox). Fourth
dashboard is C:\xboxdash.xbe (not displayed). See boot
options section of the documentation.

Fan speed displayed as a percentage.

Will probably not recognize ROM files edited with older

Numerous patch engine changes.

Internal front-end application tweaks.


Patches changed. Always use the patches (in the "Patch Data"
folder) which came in the archive with your version of XBtool.
The same goes for the DLLs.

Fixed LBA48 code (no, really, I did this time). Sorry, but
it's hard to test this using my puny little 100GB drive.

Fixed error reading LBA48 options.
Miscellaneous XBpatch changes.


Fix: partiton table option was being reset to the default 
(< 137GB = 6 / > 137GB = 7). This only affected users with
> 137GB drives set for one large partition 6.

Fix: Fan speed might not get changed if LED color set to


Added fand speed control option.

Made oz_paulb's kernel expansion independent of LBA48 code so
that future patches can utilize the kernel expansion (the fan
speed patch takes advantage of this).

Redid the LED patch to use the kernel expansion.

This build has been tested on every supported BIOS, but only
BFM version. The LBA48 code has been sightly modified and not
fully tested.


Added option to use the folder name when packing a BIOS.
This behavior is similar to the way older versions of
XBtool worked. It only applies to BIOS packing--not saving.
Access this option through the menu (click the icon in the
upper-left corner of the dialog).

Made the output files size selection persistent.

Added CleanRegistry app in the Config folder (for getting
rid of XBtool's registry entries).


Added LBA48 patching for 4976.02.

Fixed issue where LBA48 code might not get patched in under
certain circumstances. This might happen, for instance, if
a kernel patched with an unreleased version of Paul's LBA48
patch was loaded into XBtool. These kernels are now repaired

Fixed new kernel ID code to recognize LBA48 patched kernels.

Tweaks to the kernel ID engine.

Minor display changes.


X scale patcher removed. There was an issue with the X scale
patch which could cause some BIOSes to hang. May be added
back later if anyone wants it. This has been a long
standing issue, but no one reported it as a bug. I just
happened to discover it while redoing the kernel ID engine.
Since it could lead to a frag, I decided to do this release
now rather than later.

The kernel ID engine rewritten. It should be much more
precise, but please report unrecognized or misrecognized

Tested BFM versions of all BIOSes, but not fully tested
with all possible options.


Paul Bartholomew's LBA48 and partition table patches.
(Not fully tested)

4978.03 support added (dropped other two 4978 BIOSes, since
they hang some machines).

Fixed crash in general dash patching function.

Changed the way colors are patched so rounding errors don't
happen when the colors aren't changed.


4978 patcher should be fully functional now. Don't test
it if you can't recover, but if you can I'd love to here
some feed back.


Fixed a crashing bug in 4976 and 4977 dash name patchers.


Fixed 4978 patcher a bug that could allow patching with
dash names which were too long (that would be very bad).

More display bug fixes.


Miscellaneous display fixes.

Fixed 4978 dash name patching (actually patches the
embedded FTPd app).

Removed x2 4976 support, which was broken anyway (4976.02
still supported, but will probably be dropped soon).


Major rewrite of the patch engine for the purpose of
easier maintence and code sharing.

Added experimental x2 4978 support.

Miscellaneous changes to the front end code related to
above changes.