Happy Thanksgiving, for those in the US.  I figured I'd
post an update of Qwix to get rid of any open bugs that
I know about.  There aren't any new features in this
release, just bug fixes.  New goodies will appear in
Qwix 1.1, but this version should be more stable than
the first release and will buy me a little more time
to work on the fun stuff.

If you changed your settings.ini file based on the
tweak I posted last week, you'll probably want to take
the buffer settings back out.  I reworked the way Qwix
uses buffers, and it now uses a default that is twice
the size of what Qwix 1.0 used, but is faster overall
and actually uses less memory, despite how backwards
that sounds.

Note:  Please read the Qwix_FAQ.htm file included with
       Qwix!  Even with that file included in the RAR,
       many of those questions come up all the time.

Qwix 1.01 fixes:

 - Reworked FTP transfer buffers for improved Windows
   performance during and after transfers, which can
   also increase transfer speeds (especially boost mode).

 - Changed default transfer buffer size from 512KB to 1MB.

 - Fixed a transfer thread leak which caused various
   problems with Qwix after transferring an ISO.

 - Fixed a problem that prevented game icons from being
   downloaded after transferring an ISO.

 - Fixed a problem that prevented batch properties from
   taking effect if you pushed a button on the toolbar
   before clicking in any other control first.

 - Made the XBE rename case-sensitive when deciding
   whether it should rewrite the XBE file or not.

 - Disabled the "Use advanced Avalaunch features" option
   in the connection editor until the SITE REFRESH
   command is fixed in Avalaunch.  Yes, that's all that
   the option does.  No, it doesn't make transfers slower.

 - Fixed the taskbar disappearing act and an occasional
   OLE32.DLL access violation, both on Win98/WinME.

 - Fixed a few font and color issues, making things a bit
   more consistent with certain themes and platforms.

 - Fixed a problem that prevented a transfer to the
   root directory of an Xbox drive.

 - Fixed a random access violation that was caused by
   the component used for all the lists and trees in
   the Qwix user interface.

 - Made the local PC folder browser show the proper folder
   name for shortcut items like My Network Places shares.

 - Fixed the Rename ISO feature from the Scan Folders
   right-click (from the Load ISO screen, not Scan Titles).