HME Linux Executable  (1st release)
November 19th, 2003
by jimmsta ([email protected])


* First Linux binary released since the early days...
  - This now means that linux users can work with the map resources!
* Small Size
* Same features as the version included in WinHME OpenSource Beta 2
* For Advanced users ;)

Here it is at last -- the linux console binary! 

     It supports the same features as the windows "second release" binary, and should work fine on all systems. 

System Requirements:
i386 CPU or higher (compiled with -march=i386)
64MB RAM (If you want to do anything useful)


Instructions are found in the console's help -- "./halomapexpander ?"

And, to run the app... (If you're a n00b), use this...

(no quotes) "./halomapexpander"

Simple. Yay. 

If you have any questions or comments, please email me: jimmsta at softhome.net

Iron_Forge - For the Halo PC sound code changes.
PfhorSlayer - For HaloMapExpander, and the entire project.
MonoxideC - For working on HMT to make me want to make a linux version...

Thank you all for all your work. 

And of course, everyone else who I didn't mention, thanks.
 You know who you are ;)

//... .This release is dedicated to the memory of a friend's father, who passed away today from complications of cancer. He will be missed by many. ...\\