V1.41-1 WIP 17 November 2003

IMPORTANT NOTE: This build is a Work In Progress (WIP) 
build of xSnes9x. As always when using WIP builds, use 
it at your own risk. The idea is to keep releasing WIP 
builds until all/most bugs are ironed out. When finding 
bugs, please be concise and detailed as possible. Please 
use the Lantus-X forums at http://www.lantus-x.com/forums 
to post your bug reports.

- Merged in V1.41-1 Win32 build changes. Check CHANGES.TXT for more information.
- Version number now in sync with Win32 build to avoid confusion (Lantus).
- Fixed Jurrasic Park transperancy issue in Gfx.cpp (Lantus).
- Added Software Filters : Simple2x, AdMame2x, Sai2x, SuperSai2x.
- Added Hardware Filters : Point, Linear, Anisotropic, Quincunx, Gaussian Cubic.
- Added SuperScope support via Xbox Lightgun.
- Added Justifier support via Xbox Lightgun.
- Added Nintendo Mouse emulation via USB Mouse.
- (temporarily)Removed SID support.
- Removed 'Subfolders'. They now exist in the main romlist where they should.
- Added MP3/MOD/XM/S3M/IT/CDDA audio support.
- Added Snapshot support.
- Added Previews.
- Removed rompath.ini. Added config.ini which allows user to define paths for ROM, Media Files and Previews
- Added some new skins.
- Added command line support.
- Misc UI cleanups/bug fixes.