xBmsx v 0.9
xBmsx is a OS X front-end for xbms, the unix streaming server for Xbox Media Player. It's implemented as a System Preference, and an optional StartupItem.  

0.9 adds support for Panther 10.3.
0.8 adds support for Xbox Media Center.  xbms binary was re-compiled with the new code from the xbmp/c crew.

networked Mac running 10.2+
networked Xbox running Xbox Media Player or Xbox Media Center

If you have an older version of xBmsx installed, it's a good idea to run the installer, but choose "Uninstall" to clear out all the old files.  Then choose the "Full Install".  Once it's done, open System Preferences, click xBmsx, configure the server, and hit the "save changes" button to update the xbms.conf file.  Be sure that you fill in the user, and choose paths for all the files.  xbms WILL NOT run correctly if this file is not saved first.  Hit the "rescan" button to see if the boxes are all filled in (and to check the status in general).

Also make sure you also setup xbmp/c to look for your server by using these tags in the files on your Xbox (BBEdit with FTP works perfectly for this). Replace with the location of your mac.

XboX Media Player's config.xml file
	<name>mac stream</name>

XboxMediaCenter's XboxMediaCenter.xml file
	<name>mac stream</name>

Then you should be ready to enjoy movies streamed to you xbox from your mac! 

xbms into /usr/bin/
xbms.conf into /etc/
xBmsx.prefPane  into /Library/PreferencePanes
XboX Media Server into /Library/Startupitems
xbms.log in /Users/You/Library/Logs*
xbms.pid in /Users/You/Library/Logs*
*these get created when xBmsx is turned on

xbms : http://www.h4x0rz.de
Apple/Xbox Icon : http://www.mixthepix.com
Xbox Media Player : http://www.xboxmediaplayer.de

Fansubbers, who gave me a reason to do all this.
The XboX Media Player crew, of course.

[email protected]