WinHME v1.5 OpenSource Beta 1 (Beta 5)
October 31st, 2003
by jimmsta


10/31/2003 Evening
* Fixed a severe bug in my code
* cleaned up comments
* released source code on official site: http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/winhme    ;)

10/31/2003 Afternoon
* Fixed a couple bugs that I found while fooling around with the app
* Made the combo box work correctly with all the HME functions...
* Altered the window again... seems better
* What the? (Yes, saving the batch file should now also execute it!)
* This is the pre-opensource release.... yeah, I've opened an account on SF.net ;)
(NOTE: in order to use the included winhme_apps, you MUST install the apps to "c:\". As soon as the project goes OpenSource, I hope to get INI file settings setup, so the apps can be located anywhere).
* All dlls and exe's have been compressed. Installed app is 2.5mb smaller. ;)

* Some code changes... (opening and saving is less(/no longer) buggy)
* GUI cleaned up a bit (for smaller resoultions)
* Slightly more compressed exe, and other installation files... (UPX = GOOD)
* Two ways to set the file name now... Just be sure to Only select ONE method!!! 
  - (NOTE: Although the app says "external", this does not mean that the code has been implemented for a temp map to be copied over yet. The reason is because I haven't gotten around to adding a checkbox for xbox/pc version selection).

* Better looking Launch Tool
* Compressed EXE file
* Now MAKES, SAVES, and RUNS Batch files! (This is a key feature).
* Cosmetic fixes.

* Completely new app... no old code lingering around ;)
* Special features, which will not be mentioned here. you have to use the app to find out...
* Bitmap extraction... (doesn't everyone's app do this now?)
* Halo XBOX and PC compatible ;)
* Program Installer!!! 
  - This SHOULD fix all problems associated with the missing files, or unregistered files that people have had in the past.

* UberKewlL337n3ss!

Well, it's been a long month... I lost a hard drive, of which contained the source code to WinHME v1.45 -> v1.49 (unreleased). Ugh. I then found some dated code from august, and attempted to edit it... what you have in this install package is the edited code of BatchFileMaker v1.00. This time, I actually DID switch over to the new codebase, of which was the BFM code that I wrote in a period of 3 hours, one saturday night in August... 

Surprisingly, there's really only one bug that I can think of, and that's the text extraction for bitmap extraction. I put in a nice little work-around, a little checkbox in the "advanced..." section.

UH... Yes, I've included a new build of HME. All it does is extract the bitmaps from the map files, into TARGA (TGA) files. This is more standard than DDS and DXT files, so I figured that I'd put it in... I hope PfhorSlayer doesn't get pissed.... If he does, this file is gonna be removed indefinitely. ;(
But, for the time being, all the app does, aside from its normal features, is extract the bitmaps from all the objects, so be sure to have a bit of hard drive space if you think you're gonna just for the heck of it, extract every single bitmap in the xbox and pc versions... 

YES, this version of HME works PERFECTLY fine with the PC and XBOX versions of halo. Special thanks go to Iron_Forge for making the code changes needed.


OK. Before you do anything, make sure to run the program "WinHME_Apps". These apps must be installed into their specific locations, otherwise the app won't let you click in certain places... you'll see what I mean later...

After doing the above, you can read all the readme files. Please, please do this!!!

Next, if you're using PC maps, you'll need to have the bitmaps.map file as well as the map file that you'd like to analyze in the folder that winhme is in. (default is c:\program files\winhme\). Otherwise, if you're using the xbox maps, just place them into the winhme folder.

Next, click on a function, and click whatever the heck you want the app to do.

PLEASE NOTE: The app is NOT finished. This is still considered a Development Beta, as a lot of the features aren't implemented yet. Currently, I don't even think that the Batchfile save works, but I do know that you can copy the batch file output into notepad, and save the file as "batfile.bat", and then click on the "run batchfile" button. 

Have fun... and if you need better instructions, download an old version of WinHME from the usual places. 


Being that I included the Apps from these people, I believe that I should give them credit...

MonoxideC - For HMT v2
Grenadiac - For SparkEdit 2.0
KornKob   - For BanshInject
Iron_Forge - For the Halo PC sound code changes.
PfhorSlayer - For HaloMapExpander, and the entire project.

Thank you all for all your work. 

And of course, everyone else who I didn't mention, thanks. You know who you are ;)

NOTE: If you wish for your app to be removed from the program, or added, please email me at: [email protected].