October 31 2003

Media X Menu 0.9n.6

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Tutorials located at:  http://www.writersgallery.com/MXM/TUT

Short Version-
[*] Revamped the FTP Server. Again.
[*] More ActionScript stuff.
[*] "Big F:" on X2 BIOSes problem fixed
[*] Added more variations of Simplicity "internal" skin

See below for complete list.

Beta 0.9n.6 (Bug Fixes)
[*] Added experimental automatic G: fix
    If drive F: is not between 128GB and 132GB, MXM will not automatically mount G:
[*] Failing that, there is now an MXM_Patcher option to force MXM not to init G:
[*] SETFUNC::FILESIZE should now return directory size now.
[*] New ActionScript commands:
    BEGINSEARCH <WildCardPath>
    - The local variables "search_name", "search_path", "search_arg", "search_size", "search_type", "search_active" (which equals "1" when the search values are OK) are updated during the search
    SEARCHITEM <VarName>   (Load VarName with current file/pathname)
    SEARCHSIZE <VarName>   (Load VarName with current file size)
    SEARCHTYPE <VarName>   (Load VarName with current type for entry - "file" or "dir")
    MEDIAPATCH <FilePath> (Experimental, patches media flag and media check code)
    INPUT [NOWAIT] (Added optional "nowait" parameter, which prevents it from waiting forinput)
    OPENREAD <HandleName> <FilePath>
    OPENWRITE <HandleName> <FilePath>
    READFILELN <HandleName> <VarName> (Reads line and loads variable)
    WRITEFILELN <HandleName> <Text> (Writes line with text and appends CR/LF)
    WRITEFILE <HandleName> <Text> (Writes line with text)
    CLOSEFILE <HandleName>
    FILESTAT <HandleName> <VarName> (If file access is OK, value will be "1" - for read, "0" means end - otherwise "")
    WEBFILEFETCH <Filename> <URL>  (A little goodie... but this is a very basic HTTP client, so it won't work with all sites)
    SETFUNC new:
     - FNBASENAME <FilePath>
     - FNEXTENSION <FilePath>
     - FNPATH <FilePath>
     - FNMERGE <Path> <Filename> [<Extension>]
     - FATXIFY <filename> [<replacementchar>] (Do not use with a full path! backslashes and colons will be removed!!)
     - TEMPFILE <Path> <Prefix> (Creates a new temporary filename)
     - REPLACE <Old> <New> <Source>
     - ContextScriptExists <ScriptName>
     - ScriptExists <ScriptName>
    XMLOpen <HandleName> <FileName>
    - Opens an XML file or internal XML link (::MXM, ::PREFS, ::MENUCACHE, ::MENU, ::Internal)
    XMLSave <HandleName> [<FileName>]
    - Saves XML back out to a given file
    XMLSaveNode <HandleName> <FileName>
    - Save current selected node to file (File must not exist)
    XMLSetNodePtr <HandleName> <Node> [OnFail <Label>]
    - Set the current node pointer
    - To start from "root" use ! Example: !.FTPServer.User:1    (Accesses second user node in FTPServer node of a config file)
    XMLCreateNode <HandleName> <Node> [OnFail <Label>]
    XMLCreateElement <HandleName> <Element> [OnFail <Label>]
    XMLSetElementPtr <HandleName> <Element> [OnFail <Label>]
    - Must be relative to currently set node, or this will also cause the current node to change
    XMLSetElementValue <HandleName> <Value>
    XMLSetElementAttr <HandleValue> <Attribute> <Value>
    XMLSetNodeAttr <HandleValue> <Attribute> <Value>
    XMLSetValue <HandleValue> <Location> <Value> [<AttrPref>]
    XMLGetValue <HandleValue> <VarName> <Location> [<DefaultValue>]
    XMLGetNodeCount <HandleName> <VarName> [<Name>]
    XMLGetElementCount <HandleName> <VarName> [<Name>]
    XMLGetNodeAttrCount <HandleName> <VarName>
    XMLGetElementAttrCount <HandleName> <VarName>
    XMLCreate <HandleName> <MainNodeName>
    CallContextScript <ScriptName>
[*] Fixed issue with submenu conditional
[*] ActionScripts now run in their own thread, meaning the video and audio continue while ActionScripts run. This will be further exploited in the future with scheduled and event-driven execution.
[*] Fixed File access error in ActionScript FILE functions.
[*] Added new Text Gadget source: ENV - this gives the skinner access to the global environment (Environment variables prefixed with the "_" character)
    Define the "Key" attribute to select an environment variable to display (without the % on each side, with or without the underscore)
[*] Rewrote the ActionScripting engine. This will be getting a slight re-arrangement when I incoroporate the scheduler, which is more or less written.
[*] Added $timer$ 'special' ActionScript variable, which gives a running count of milliseconds
[*] Added _GP_ANYBUTTON variable set by input for simple testing.
[*] Fixed non-working string functions and issue with XMLSetValue when setting attributes
[*] Fixed spurious file entries when connected to M$ Internet Explorer via FTP. This might fix other issues (I hope).
[*] Added DNS cacheing. This may solve some issues with newsfeeds, but if edited, the cache file can make DNS lookups more efficient!
    In the file, you can set a hostname as one of three types of persistence: dynamic (always looks up IP), session (Looks up IP once per session) and static (you can 'permanently' assign an IP)
    If the cached IP doesn't work, MXM will try and get another one, no matter what.
[*] Changed the FTP Server again.... should be working again.
[*] Added jlm5151's Simplicity Remix skins as internal skins.
[*] Added more specials: $tm_time$, $tm_date$, $tm_hours$, $tm_minutes$, $tm_seconds$, $tm_year$, $tm_month$, $tm_day$ - all based on current time. Format for date: DD/MM/YYYY and time: HH:MM:SS. Individual units are 2 digits (or for year, 4 digit)
[*] Fixed issue that prevented "RandomSource" enabled image resources from working properly.