MXM Skinner V5.0 by geniusalz

The best (and only =) ... ) visual tool to create MXM (Media X Menu) skins
If you don't know about MXM, head over to the MXM Forums and have a look.

----- IMPORTANT -----
This program requires Visual Basic 6 runtime files to be installed on your computer. 
The installer for the runtime files can be downloaded from the microsoft site


- *Full PNG support!!! And transparency!
- *All screens editable (Title, Load, Menu, Saver)
- *Allows editing after creation of elements
- *Locking Elements to fix background in place
- *Menus for better organization
- *Right-click menu for elements
- *Elements viewable while moving/resizing
- Drawing Elements (Box, Line, Image, Text, MXM Menu)
- Generating skin folders (including XML files and all resources)
- Loading skins from folders
- Settings (System Colors, Music options, Timers, Modifiers, Conditionals)

*New this release

Not supported:
- Transparent boxes (they show up opaque)
- Fonts

Upcoming features:
- FTP functionality (don't have the motivation to do this just yet =D )

Thanks to BenJeremy for making a kickass dash, and for writing the skinning overview document

Greetz: BenJeremy, koldfuzion, jlm5151, MrSelfDestruct, ravage73, jinx_removing, mevinny,
 Yuyu, yourwishismine, and all other skinners/mxm'ers

----- Program help -----

View the new Skinning Guide at the official site []

Questions/comments, contact me in the official MXM forum on Xbox-Scene Forums []

----- Note -----

This package contains a registry settings file.  Running that is NOT REQUIRED. 
However, if you get "missing component" errors, or the program keeps telling you to restart it,
try this:

Double-click the ocxanddll.reg file to enable DLL and OCX right-click menus.
Right click each of the included DLL and OCX files (except zlib), and click "Register"