Use this program on your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any damage
this program might have caused to your Xbox or PC

  ZXBTools 1.3a			28/10/2003


  ZXBTools is a windows program With the one you could build multigame menus for Xbox in a fast and easy way.
  You only have to choose folders or ISOs where games are, write a description and select a thumbnail for each game.
  ZXBTools have others features:
    + Extract isos to hd or direct transfer to xbox by FTP
    + Build optimized isos (using extract-xiso)
    + Rename and patch media flag from xbe
    + Theme support in multigame discs
    + Integration with windows explorer using shell extensions


+Version 1.3a

   - Solved failure that hung the program when extracting some isos.
   - Improved the visualization of themes in manage menu.
   - Fixed error that says dont have enough space to create iso, even having it.
   - Added option to create directory esctructure instead of create iso.
   - Added option to erase directories and isos after menu is created.
+Version 1.3

   - Fixed problem importing isos in multigame disc and patch default.xbe option is checked
   - Fixeds I/O errors when closing program
   - Added option to search covers of the games in multigames discs
   - Added option to select MXM default.xbe in mutligame disc, seems its works better
   - Added check version option
   - Some minor changes...

+Version 1.2

   - Some games could be deleted after bulid a multigame disc, fixed
   - Fixed problem extracting high size isos
   - When transfering files with invalid characters the program hangs up, fixed
   - In FTP mode added posibility to rename long name files
   - In FTP mode, added posibility to upload a game into a existing directory
   - Added compatibility for Avalaunch
   - Translation is a little better now, thanks to Lolo_Bee
   - Added shell extensions, thanks to Bart_Bender for help
+Version 1.01

   - Fixed problems with high size isos
   - Extracting ISOs, progressbar was crazy, i think its fixed
   - Making high size multigame ISOs the program hangs up, fixed
   - Fixed problems creating isos with spaces in the filename
   - Some minor changes in the GUI
   - Deleted the option of copy games to root dir temporally, doesn't works well

  Q: When creating a Multigame DVD, What image format and size are supported by ZXBTools?
  A: It supports bmp, jpg and png of all sizes.

  Q: Theme downloading doesn't works 
  A: The server could be down or your connection could be blocked by firewall.
  Q: I want to send a theme for the MenuX, How can I do it?
  A: You must create two images in png format at resolution of 640x480 and a depth of 24bit, you only 
     have to follow the proportions of the squares you can see in others themes.
     You can send your Theme trough the program or send it via e-mail to [email protected]

  A: Why copy the games to the root directory?
  Q: Some games only work in the root directory, when this option is used, the program verifies that
     none of the files will be overwritten during the operation. The file 'GameList.txt' contains the structure of the
     directories created.

  A: When trying to extract some isos it says 'invalid format'  
  Q: The program only can extract XISO, so the isos created with extract-xiso are not compatible 
     in this version, because it optimizes directory tree.
     In future versions we will try it to be able to read isos created with this program.

  A: Why install shell extension?
  Q: Instaling shell extensions ZXBTools will be integrated in windows explorer, you can build or extract
     isos by right-clicking your mouse over a .iso file and selecting the option "Extract with ZXBTools"

  A: The program doesnt work and does not recognize the directory and the themes
  Q: When NTFS compression is enabled the program dont work well, please desactivate it.

Use this program on your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any damage
this program might have caused to your Xbox or PC

MXM Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~mxmdashboard/  

Author:  sHaDDoW
Website: http://zonaxbox.indicedivx.com/modules.php?name=zxb&d_op=Ingles