What is it?

tjc's Halo Weapon Editor is a program to simplify the editing much of the data stored in the weapon structure (aka a weapon's metadata). It gives you control over almost every aspect of the weapon. [Soon including Projectile and Damage data also.]


Open a .map file (halo xbox map) by clicking "Open"
Select the weapon you want to edit in the "Weapon" drop down list
When done making changes, click "Save Changes"
Close map 
Upload map to xbox

Halo XBox Weapon Editor (V1.5beta)
Current Features:
+ Works with PAL and NTSC Halo's.
+ Edit any map, single and multiplayer
+ Edit sounds and effects related to a weapon
+ Edit projectile a weapon fires
+ Edit weapon models (first and 2nd person) 
+ Edit collision and damage models for a weapon
+ Change any tag referenced by the weapon model
+ Change weapon ammo info (clip size, maxium ammo)
+ Change zooms on a weapon
+ Change rate of fire

Current known issues:
- For Plasma weapons, vehicle weapons, ball and flag some fields are uneditable
- Lots of unknowns (help with this! you can still change them!)
Future Features:
+ Adding projectile tag editing (25% done)
+ Adding damage tag editing (15% done)

For comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me.
irc: irc.freenode.net in #halohacker, #halo, #halo-helpermonkey nick: tjc2k4
aim: 'foolish puppy'
email: tjc2k4@yahoo.com